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Ultimate Kissing Turn Off – Smokers Listen Up

I thought I’d bring a bit of professionalism to all of you out there reading this beautifully crafted blog, so I’ve teamed up with & ASH (2 very worthy organisations tackling smoking) to help highlight the problem of smoking. Being a ranting singleton, I wanted to relate it to Dating and so ‘The Ultimate Kissing Turn Off’ was born.
The survey was conducted by yours truly and it found that 30% of women find ‘ashtray mouth’ the biggest turn off when going in for a kiss BLEUGH!
Can kissing really tell you more about your partner? If the kiss goes terribly, is that a sign of things to come? Well check out this little list of things you can do to sure you avoid the major pitfalls of a bad kiss and give yourself every chance of moving your relationship further than the doorway.

“Light Groping was named as a turn on when being kissed”

We asked 1000 women their biggest turn on and turn off when it came to a kiss and unsurprisingly smokers’ breath was the outright winner of biggest turn off.
Cecilia Farren, from said of the study: “As an ex-smoker, I was motivated to quit when I was in my late 20s by a boyfriend who didn’t want to kiss me because I tasted and smelled of smoke, so this comes as no surprise to me. I am eternally grateful to that boyfriend.”
Another lady of the survey added – “I remember feeling physically sick after kissing a guy who tasted like cigarettes. I don’t think he was too pleased, but smokers have been a definite no go for me ever since
Aside from foul breath, other potential turn offs to women include Body Odour, a sloppy ‘technique’ and bad teeth which all make it into the top 5. Further down the list were less common, but equally off putting factors including, noises whilst kissing and, wait for it…..clapping!
A second lady, who wanted to remain nameless unsurprisingly added – “I remember kissing a guy and afterwards he broke out into applause… weird and definitely a turn off

So, the top 5 Kissing Turn Offs

  1. Ashtray Mouth – 30%
  2. Body Odour – 20%
  3. Sloppy technique – 17%
  4. Bad Teeth – 11%
  5. Cold Sores – 10%
  6. Others – 12%

It would seem smokers breath will be a decreasing problem. Figures from have shown that the percentage of smokers in the UK is at record low of 20%, this figure sat at 54% in 1974.
Looking at the opposite end of the spectrum, tongue sucking (WTF), being picked up & light groping made up an interesting list of Kissing Turn Ons, I’ve listed the top 5 listed below.

  1. Nice smelling – 25%
  2. Biting lip – 17%
  3. Eyes open – 15%
  4. Head holding – 14%
  5. Hand holding – 14%
  6. Others – 15%

It goes to show you that not every tongue or technique is right for each person. Whilst some people might go mad for a great smelling partner, a gentle grope might make another woman weak at the knees – hands up who likes a good groping??

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