5 Points – Are You Ready For A Relationship?

Far too many of us jump head first into relationships without even thinking it through. Believe it or not, being single and working out you and your needs is perfectly fine. But of course society tends to dictate that if you don’t have a partner then you’re screwed, destined to live a life of solitude and many many cats. Right now I only want a girlfriend so I can buy 2 for 1 cocktails without looking like a massive alcoholic! Here are 5 things to think of before you decide it’s time to get busy with someone else…


“Are you just trying to fill a void?”

Heartbreak is shit… not gonna lie. But are you just wanting to hop, skip and jump into the arms of the next suitor because you’re lonely? Seriously… don’t do it. Tears before bedtime and they will most definitely be your tears.


Ain’t nobody got time for that?! Timing is key and if you barely make time for yourself… have you got the time or the energy to plough into another person?


Some people love throwing on that superhero cape and saving people. Is this you? Don’t slip into this weird awkward state of wanting to save someone and in turn this rolls into a relationship of dependency. My mother always says ‘something that starts in chaos will end in chaos’… so best to just be a friend and not confuse the situation with sexy times!


REBOUNDING SUCKS ASS! If you haven’t let go of a past relationship then you are in no fit state to start a new one. Emotions will still be raw and taking baggage forward will only blow up spectacularly in your face!


Can you be honest and open with this new person. Guarding your heart may be a wise move at first, but if you are unable to relinquish the ‘real’ you if dating becomes more serious, then you are not ready at all.

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