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Plenty Of Fish UK Cost & Review 2018

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Plenty Of Fish (POF) is ranked by comscore as the biggest online dating site in the UK, this is mainly because of the low barrier to entry as it’s a free to use website.


Plenty Of Fish offer a premium service that has a small cost per month that enables some additional features, we have outlined more of that below. POF has a reported 40 million subscribers, which means its chock-a-block full of profiles for you to look through, this can be seen as a positive and negative, depending on what you’re planning to get from the site.
Although mainly a free website, we have outlined the features that you will get by signing up to a premium account with Plenty Of Fish, so if you want a paid membership at Plenty Of Fish, look no further.

How Much Does it Cost to Plenty Of Fish?

Plenty of Fish is a free dating website, here are the options you have if you are eyeing up a paid membership.

Plenty Of Fish Upgraded membership

monthly cost Contract Length Potential Savings (compared to 12.90 per month) Total One Off Price
£6.78 12 months £73.40 £81.40
£8.50 6 months £26.40 £51
£12.90 3 months £0 £38.70

*Note you have to pay for all memberships as a one off payment

Once you sign up to Plenty Of Fish, they will automatically renew your membership package for you before it runs out.

Compare Plenty Of Fish Membership Plans

Here is a quick list of the additional features you get if you want to upgrade your Plenty Of Fish membership:

Membership Feature Upgraded membership
Show Up First on Meet Me YES
Unlock Every Users Extended Profile YES
See if Emails were Read or Deleted YES
No Ads YES
Date/Time Others Viewed your Profile YES
Use Themes on your Profile YES
Send 3 Gifts Free Per Day YES
Insert up to 16 Images YES

What Do You Get from Plenty Of Fish For Free?

Plenty Of Fish is a free dating site, so all of the features you would expect on a dating site are free apart from the added features listed above.

Joining Plenty Of Fish & Using a Plenty Of Fish Promotional Code

Joining Plenty Of Fish is a great starting point for online dating because it costs nothing and will give you a feel for searching around a larger database of users to help find the people that you click with the most. Be aware though, because of the increased profiles, searching and finding the keepers will take a bit longer than on other sites and you might find a few time wasters, I know I have.
Once you start to create an account, you will be given a few basic questions to answer to set up your initial profile. By clicking on the ‘chemistry’ tab at the top you will be given the option to enhance your profile by completing additional questions, these will take around 5 – 10 minutes and are quite lengthy, but they do tend to help highlight better matches. (A screenshot of these questions are below)

Plenty Of Fish Questions

Any live discounts Plenty Of Fish have will be listed below, Plenty Of Fish usually offer a free trial to their premium account, click our link to be taken to the free trial page.

Live Plenty Of Fish Promotional Codes 2015

We are always on the hunt for the latest Plenty Of Fish promotional codes and coupons for you guys to use.
We don’t currently have any live discounts but keep a close eye here as we’ll update the page as soon as we find anything.

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18 thoughts on “Plenty Of Fish UK Cost & Review 2018”

  1. Carol p. Why does pof grab your money to upgrade and if you change your mind they are difficult to stop payments, also this is for the ladies beware of the scammers there are a lot on pof, saying they have high executive careers and they are widowers.

  2. Hi just wondering I had a break from pof and now all my messages have been wiped as it is over 29 days. Just wondering if I upgrade will I see if the whole messages that were read or deleted so I can pick up on old conversations.

    1. Hi Emma,

      I think that once it passes the 29 days, its all deleted 🙁 but cont act POF and see if they can help…Im sure if you tell them you will only sign up if you get your messages, they will try harder to help

  3. It seems that all major dating sites are evil f**** with their terms & conditions, keeping your information ’til the end of times, grabbing your wallets immediately before providing a free trial version. You’re unable to see, if you’re going to like a service provider before you cough up money. Great racket!At least, that’s what it looks like 😉

    1. Thanks for your insight D 🙂
      We get it, it does feel like that sometimes to us too, hopefully some of the content here will help out – best of luck if you do go on to trial a dating site though 🙂

  4. It’s given you a monthly payment chart then as you read further down its saying going to take the total amount of you so which one do you go by I just want to pay monthly. It’s misleading ?

    1. Basically don’t do it as I was in the site many years back and they ate all my money and had to get legal advice to stop them taking my money. I recommend not to even go on these sites as they are all money grabbing bus……rds good luck though as I haven’t found anyone genuine enough

      1. Hi do you think it’s worth joining did you find a partner while you were on there as I was thinking of joining but I’M not sure what to do would like to meet someone

  5. Why has it changed to somebody wants to meet you. you can’t look up who it is without being an upgraded member. Very underhand pof. Considering leaving.

    1. I have just upgraded my pof and its costing me more than I can afford what can I do pls I’m thinking of leaving although I like this site my benefits won’t cover the cost

      1. Hi Carol, give POF an email and Im sure they can close your account for you – depending on how long since you have joined, you might be able to cancel and get a refund, let us know how you get on

    1. hey Pete, there should be a tab, under ‘settings’ where you can cancel your auto renew – shout if you still need help


  6. Hi if i want to join a membership what is the down payment for this as id like to join but i dont want 80 pounds going out straight away and id like to no how much if i join today that its not going to take my last bit of money

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