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Another dating power house currently operates in 25 countries having its humble roots in the US of A.

Much like eHarmony, has a vast amount of people registered, so the chances of you, at least finding a date, are greatly improved. is owned and operated by IAC, who also power other dating sites like, match affinity & & They are also one of the cheaper online dating sites, so it’s a great place to start your dating venture without breaking the bank too much…more dough to throw at a potential date??

Here you will find information on including the current membership price to join the site, a short review of the site and we will also list any current discounts or promotional codes for that we have found to share with you fine folk.

What are the current prices?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Check below for the current price plans for joining

Show All Current Offers standard membership package (no added features)

(link to description of basic plan compared to total connect plan)

Monthly Cost Contract Length Potential Savings (compared to £29.99 monthly payments) Total One Off Price
£12.99 6 months £102 £77.94
£19.99 3 months £30 £59.97
£29.99 1 month £0 £29.99 membership with Select

(link to description of connect plan compared to basic plan)

Monthly Cost Contract Length Potential Savings (compared to £36.89 monthly payments) Total One Off Price
£19.89 6 months £102 £119.34
£26.89 3 months £30 £80.67
£36.89 1 month £0 £69.89 membership with Connect

(link to description of connect plan compared to basic plan)

£22.89 6 months £102 £137.34
£29.89 3 months £30 £89.67
£39.89 1 month £0 £39.89 membership with Connect & Select

(link to description of connect plan compared to basic plan)

£27.89 6 months £102 £167.34
£34.89 3 months £30 £104.67
£44.89 1 month £0 £44.89

*Note – 1 & 3 month packages must be paid in full as a one off payment. Their 6 month packages can be paid for in 3 equal payments.

Join & Get £10 Cashback

Once you are signed up and an official paying customer,  will do the usual trick of auto renewing your membership 24 hours before it is due to expire – for this reason, we recommend you deselect the auto renew option from your package. Boost Upgrade

Once you are signed up to you have the option to add a new feature to your profile in order to help you increase the visibility of your profile and get more attention.
Boosts, of course will cost you extra. You can buy them individually or in a package, the costs of the Boosts are below, we would only recommend trying these out if you have been on for a few months and don’t really get any interactions on your profile, they can act as a moral boost more than anything. boost

To be eligible for a Boost you must have a profile picture attached to your profile and we would also recommend that you fill out the profile in as much detail as possible in order to make the most of the extra eyeballs you are likely to receive.

Boosts last as long as it takes your profile to reach a certain number of views (or 4 hours maximum) so in that respect it is a solid investment if you want to appear in front of more people. If you purchase a package of Boosts’ then you can select a time and duration that your ‘promoted’ views will be live, no matter which option you choose, as soon as you payment has been made your first Boost will be live. (you cna track your views via the main dashboard)

Compare Membership Plans

The table below will help you decide which package to pick, we have compared each membership package side by side to highlight the features you will receive with each.

Membership Feature Basic (no add ons) Select Connect Select & Connect
Send & Read Emails & Instant messages YES YES  YES  YES
See who is interested in you YES YES  YES  YES
See what other members are looking for YES YES  YES  YES
Hide profiles that you aren’t interested in YES YES  YES  YES
See your history of winks – so you can cringe at your activity YES YES  YES  YES
Priority customer care YES YES  YES  YES
Free smartphone app YES YES  YES  YES
 Request Read receipts NO YES  NO  YES
 Search profiles and appear offline (avoiding unwanted contact) NO YES  NO  YES
 Autoresponder – so if you are away on holiday people know NO YES  NO  YES
 Allow everyone to contcact you free of charge (without a membership) NO NO  YES  YES
 Get intro’d to new members first NO NO  YES  YES
 Appear as a connect member (flashing the cash) NO NO  YES  YES Free Trial have offered all of my users a 3 free day trial, without the need to enter your card details (this is true for the free match trial in the UK – looking for the USA? Then read our friends over at Single Roots for the lo-down for USA)
The NEW part is essential, if you have already signed up before you will need to use another email address and start from scratch. You will need to access email through our special Free Trial link, fill out your details and POW, your 3 days will start automagically!

Right, some pointers to take advantage of:
1. Have your profile looking up to date and gorgeous to make the 3 days count!
2. Download our free ‘beginners Guide to Online Dating’ to make sure you are all in order
3. Enjoy it and use it as much as you cna for 3 days, after this you will be making a decision to spend on a subscription.
4. Like it?? Check for any live discount codes we might have wangled for you!!!

What Do You Get from For Free?

Here are the features you can get from for free, no need for a bank card yet:

  • You get to answer their relationship questionnaire and create your free profile
  • You can see potential profile matches and use their standard search – unlike eHarmony you can actually see the persons profile picture, which is great for us nosey people!
  • You can send ‘winks’ to show someone you are interested in their profile – but to communicate more you will need a paid membership

3 Day FREE Trial Cost vs eHarmony Cost

In the interest of options and openness, below you can quickly compare the basic membership prices of joining & eHarmony – these are the most commonly compared dating sites and so we thought it would be most helpful. The full breakdown of eharmony can be found on our eHarmony cost page and you can also compare the numerous benefits of both in our more detailed Vs eHarmony blog post.

Duration eHarmony
1 month £29.99 £39.99
3 months £19.99 £21.99
6 months £11.99 £14.99
12 months NA £9.99

Joining & Using a Promotional Code

Joining any dating site means a short time being spent answering all the necessary questions in order to get your profile up and running. seemed a lot less precise than the eHarmony questionnaire – this one only took me around 10 minutes to complete.

This will be the first screen you see upon starting your signing up process – I personally think could take some notes from the eHarmony setup, their whole interface just seems to be a lot more well designed and less mechanical than the setup – but who am I to say what works, I’m no designer, just a singleton looking to find my way around the single market. Signup

Once signed up, you won’t get bombarded with the payment screen, you are free to roam the site and see who their site has ‘matched’ you with – with you can see the profile pictures of people who are near you which is a big plus point over eHarmony.

Once you decide to pay, you will be greeted by this payment page where you can select what package you want Cost

You will need to click the ‘click here’ link, at the bottom right to get a full lit of the available packages at Take a look at the table above to quickly get an overview of the benefits of each package. In our opinion, you would be best served to stick with a basic membership and skip the additional perks of a connect or select account –this might be something you want to invest in as you get used to the site, but for the time being, save the cash for your first hot date!

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Tips & Money Saving Tricks

#1 If time is on your side and you are in no immediate rush to join a dating site at this very minute, wait a couple of weeks and keep an eye on Groupon and Living Social – these are group buying sites that I have seen advertise offers for in the past so you could find a good deal by using them.

*Note –  to cancel your subscription (if you are in the UK) you must call them, you cannot cancel online, which is a bit of a drag. Hopefully providing the information here will help you guys out before you go and spend 4 hours searching for the cancel subscription link!
To cancel you will need to call this number – 02030596492

#2 Take a quick look at our DatingDirect Promo Codes and offers. Once you sign up to DatingDirect you get access to so its always worth a look to see if we have any great discounts for Dating Direct before you part with your card details. Nights now offer their online dating experience offline with nights. arrange a single meet up at locations around the country for members to join, you will get an invitation in your inbox once you fully complete your profile and an event is scheduled near you. To get a better chance of receiving an invite, you can register details of places you might regularly attend including for work or pleasure, so you can get access to a night outside of your home town. If you find yourself attending one of these events, rest assured you don’t need  to go alone, in fact you can take up to 3 SINGLE friends along with you. nights are free to attend for members, all you need to do is fill out your profile and upload a picture to be in with a chance of receiving an invite. Spaces are limited and they do tend to go pretty quick, so make sire to RSVP as soon as you can. login to your account and click on the ‘nights’ tab no to have a look if there is an event near you. Advert have recently launched their new campaign which is going down a treat, the #loveyourimperfections is all over Twitter and they have recently been nominated for a UK dating award for Best Marketing campaign, if you haven’t already seen it, here is a sneak peak. Reviews UK’s major plus point is its huge user base. Thanks to blatant advertising here, there and everywhere, not only attracts a large number of members, but a great variety, too, increasing your chances of finding suitable for potential matches – no matter how fussy you are.
As a seasoned online dater, I feel I know pretty much everything there is to know about the site. So I’ve put together a review, covering all the major features, so you can decide whether it’s a good pick for you before signing up.

How Many Users Does Have? has a staggering 75 million registered members worldwide, with 4.5 million of those members living in the UK. This makes it not just one of the biggest online dating sites in the UK, but in the world. Over 50% of all members in the UK are aged between 25 and 44, although the fastest-growing demographic is actually the over 55s. The male to female ratio is pretty equal, although there are marginally more men on the site than there are women. Interestingly, most women on the site are teachers, secretaries or doctors, whilst the most common professions amongst men are in retail, finance and engineering.

Verdict: with such a huge pool of users, it’s almost impossible not to find love on However, the large number of users works both ways – be prepared to trawl through a fair few profiles before you find someone you fancy.

Quality of Matches lets you search for potential partners with almost every single filter you could ever imagine. So whether you’re not fussy and just want someone within a certain age range who lives in the same city as you or whether you’re extremely particular and want someone with green eyes who was born on the same day as you and loves pizza – lets you set these parameters and search for them.
If you haven’t got time to play cupid and search for matches yourself,’s Daily 6 is sure to win you over. Each day, six new profiles are selected for you which meet your match criteria. You can click ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ on each profile to show if you’re interested or not. The only downside is that you only get six profiles per day. So if you don’t fancy any of the ones which show up, you have to wait until tomorrow for another six to show up or do a manual search yourself.
Occasionally, some profiles will slip through the cracks which don’t meet your search criteria. One thing I’ve come across that helps if you keep getting matches from outside the distance you’re willing to travel, try typing just the first three letters of your postcode into the search box instead of your whole postcode.
Verdict: since you only get given six potential matches each day, isn’t as good as some of the other online dating sites out there which do the matchmaking for you. However, with millions of profiles at your fingertips, if it’s just a bit of searching that stands between you and your perfect partner, I think it’s worth the extra effort. Customer Service

If you’ve got a question about the website or your account, your first stop should be the ‘Help/Contact us’ section of Here you’ll find all the FAQs most commonly associated with using the site, such as how to delete your profile, how to cancel automatic renewal and what to do if you forget your password.
If you can’t find the answer to your question there, click on the ‘Email us’ button in the right column and fill out the contact form which appears to get in touch with the customer service team directly. There are several contact numbers on the website you can use to call customer services directly, but a quick search online brings up a host of stories of calls being forwarded to unhelpful people speaking broken English – so you’re better off filling out the contact form.
Verdict: for most questions and queries, the help section will provide you with everything you need to solve them, so you don’t have to make a dreaded phone call. App

As well as their mobile-friendly website, also has a mobile app

This app is very user-friendly and much faster than the mobile website, with big buttons for easy navigation. You can do everything on the app that you can do on the desktop website, including reading and sending emails, viewing favourites, searching for matches and looking at profiles.

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  1. How I can upgrade my basic subscription to connect subscription . I have six months basic subscription and I want to convert to one month connect subscription. Please advise

    1. Raj, you should see the option to upgrade on the payment page – Id give it ta miss though, I dont think its worth the extra ££>
      Let me know how you get on!

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