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Match Affinity is the sister site of, both of which are part of Meetic in Europe. The main difference between the two sites is that whilst lets you hunt for your potential matches yourself, Match Affinity takes all the hard work out of online dating and selects your most compatible matches for you. That’s why Match Affinity’s personality questionnaire is so comprehensive and in-depth. Although it’s a bit of a pain clicking through no fewer than 71 different categories of questions (seriously – 71, no exaggeration) it’s worth it in the end, when Match Affinity’s complex personality profiling and compatibility matchmaking pair you with potential matches so perfect for you that you wouldn’t believe it.
I’ve gone through the whole online dating thing with Match Affinity for you and created this match affinity review page to give you the lowdown so you can decide if it’s the right site for you. Hopefully you’ve stumbled across this page before spending a large chunk of your time answering personality survey questions and filling out a staggeringly detailed profile.
So there you have it – anything and everything you need to know, including real match affinity reviews can be found below:

How Many People are on Match Affinity?

According to online sources, Match Affinity has around 3 million UK users and 8 million users throughout Europe – quite an impressive feat for an online dating website which has only been around since 2012. The ratio of males to females is reported to be a very equal 50-50, with the majority of members falling in the 25-55 year old age bracket. What’s more, 90% of their user base is said to be looking for a long-term commitment from their partner.

Verdict: With almost everyone on the site looking for a serious relationship and a great gender balance, Match Affinity a top pick for people genuinely searching for a life partner. Whether you’re a man or woman doesn’t matter – your odds are the same.

Match Affinity Price

How Much Does it Cost to Join Match Affinity?

Match Affinity is one of the more expensive online dating websites out there. And, unlike its sister site, rarely offers promotional codes or discounts to make a membership just that bit more affordable. However, taking into consideration how serious Match Affinity members are about finding partners for committed relationships, the money you pay to sign up could be more than worth it in the long run.
Here’s a brief overview of how much you can expect to pay if you want to sign up for a paid account with Match Affinity.

Month Cost Contract
Potential Savings (compared to 1 month) Total Cost
£44.95 1 month NA £44.95
£24.95 3 months £60 / 44% £74.85
£16.95 6 months £168 / 62% £101.70
£11.95 12 months £396 / 73% £143.40

The 12-month subscription is the only plan you can pay for either in a single payment or in three instalments of £47.80. Whether you choose to pay in one go or in three instalments – it really doesn’t matter, both methods will set you back the same amount. All other subscriptions require you to pay in full when you sign up.

Verdict: Although the 12-month plan is the best value for money, I’d recommend the 3-month plan if you’re new to online dating or the 6-month plan if you’re a seasoned online dater. The 3-month plan is more than enough to give you a taster, whilst the 6-month plan offers a balance of value and sufficient time to find yourself a few dates.

Compare Match Affinity free vs Match Affinity paid membership

I’ve put together the benefits of a free account, plus all the advantages you’ll get if you sign up for a paid account, in this handy table below so you can see what you’ll get at a glance:

Membership Feature Match Affinity Free Match Affinity Paid Take a personality test and view the report YES YES See your suggested matches YES YES Compare your compatibility score with other members YES YES Read and answer all the messages you want NO YES Send unlimited messages to whoever you want NO YES Show others your photos NO YES Ask others to share their photos with you NO YES Receive relationship coaching and advice over the phone NO YES

What do You Get from Match Affinity for Free?

By just signing up for an account on the website, you get the following benefits without putting your hand anywhere near your pocket:

  • Take the personality test and view your report at the end
  • Create an online dating profile
  • See your suggested matches
  • Check your compatibility with other Match Affinity members
  • Send an ‘icebreaker’ (a pre-written message) to as many members as you like, to let them know you’re interested

Quality of Match Affinity Matches

Match Affinity really stands out from the crowd when it comes down to their quality of matches. Whether this is because it’s so easy to report fake profiles or whether it’s because having to answer 100 questions when you sign up requires too much effort and puts fake account creators off, we don’t know – but it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that since the questionnaire that you have to fill out is so comprehensive and covers practically every key life area, the matches that you get are very compatible. You can see how similar you are to your matches by checking out their affinity score or go one step further and look over their profiles just to be sure.
If you’re not happy with your matches, try searching a bit further afield. After all, the love of your life is extremely unlikely to be living next door, and if they are, you probably would have found them already and wouldn’t be signing up for online dating.

Verdict: Match Affinity differs from in that it finds your potential matches for you. Not only does this save you time, but since most of us are probably guilty of falling for the wrong type, Match Affinity’s matching algorithm might even do a better job than us.

Joining Match Affinity and Using a Match Affinity Promotional Code

After you’ve decided to give online dating a whirl with Match Affinity, your first step should be to prepare yourself for the lengthy questionnaire which lies ahead. Although it’s going to take some time (it took me about 20 minutes if you’re wondering) and effort, you’re going to get out of this what you put into it, so take the time to answer the questions honestly and thoughtfully.
First step is to fill out the basic questions on the homepage, then you’ve got to move onto the nitty gritty about just what sort of person you’re searching for. There’s a handy progress bar in the top right corner of the screen so you can see how far you’ve got left to go, as well as pictures of the gender you’re interested in sprinkled throughout for those of us who might forget what we’re actually doing here and leave the questionnaire to search for funny videos of cats on YouTube.


After answering questions such as, “do you have a preference as to your partner’s religion?”, you get to specify how important this aspect is to you – a useful little feature that I love. Most of the answers you have to give involve clicking on a circle between two extremes. This makes it very easy to let your mind wander and just click wherever – but don’t! Try and concentrate and answer the questions honestly so Match Affinity can find you the best matches possible.
When you get to the upload a photo part, you know you’re getting close to the end! Match Affinity reckons that profiles with photos get ten times’ more views, so it’s worth doing. Although no one will be able to see your photo unless you specifically allow them to, so don’t worry about it if you haven’t got a good picture handy. You’ve then got a chance to write a small bio – or leave it blank and come back to it later. Then you’re done – your profile is complete and your personality report has been sent to your email account!


To view your matches, click on the giant green ‘View your selection of matches’ button, or cross this box off and click on the blue ‘Subscribe now’ button in the top right of the screen to take out a paid subscription.
Signing up for a paid subscription is super easy. Simply select which subscription you want and what type of credit or debit card you want to pay with. Then type in your card number, expiry date, security number and hit the big red ‘Confirm payment’ button. If you have a change of heart, you can go back to using Match Affinity for free by clicking on the ‘I’ll subscribe later’ link in the top right of the website.


Customer Service

Unfortunately, the customer service side of things seems to be where Match Affinity lets its users down. Although there’s a superb help section with everything and anything you could ever want to know about your subscription, profile, communicating with other members, website problems and complaints, many people have had problems when it comes to contacting the people who work for Match Affinity’s customer service team about cancelling their subscription. The main gripe people seem to have is that they’ve been charged to renew their subscription after turning off automatic renewal and haven’t been able to get any money back because they’ve got no proof that they cancelled. So when you turn off the match affinity automatic renewal, we recommend that you save the email you receive confirming your automatic renewal and take a screenshot of the confirmation message you’ll receive on the website, so you’ll definitely have proof of cancellation.
Saying that, when it comes to general dating advice, Match Affinity goes above and beyond to help you get the absolute most out of your online dating experience. There are loads (25 as of today, to be exact) of general dating advice articles available to read, plus a dedicated dating advice team on-hand 24/7 to help you make the most out of your online dating and coach you relationship-wise via email and over the phone – but only if you’ve got a paid subscription.

Verdict: Make sure you read the fine print carefully so you know exactly what you’re signing up for and how much it will cost you. If you’re contacting Match Affinity’s customer service team about anything other than a refund, they seem to be genuinely helpful.

Live Match Affinity Promotional Codes 2015

I’ve scoured every corner of the web in search of Match Affinity promotional codes so you don’t have to. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter, so you’ll be the first to know as soon a new Match Affinity promo code becomes available.

Tips & Money Saving Tricks

  • When you sign up for a paid account, Match Affinity will automatically renew your subscription and charge you for it when the expiry date looms near. If you don’t want to risk any nasty, expensive surprises down the line, make sure you cancel the automatic renewal at least 48 hours before your subscription expires by logging into your account, visiting the ‘My Subscriptions’ section and following the instructions there.
  • Other members can see when you’ve viewed their profile – they’ve also got the option to block you if they feel like it. Use this knowledge to your advantage – even if you fancy the pants off someone, don’t look at their profile again, again and again or you’ll risk scaring them off.

Additional Points

Match Affinity Mobile App

Although Match Affinity doesn’t offer a mobile app, their website is mobile-friendly and can be used on all mobile devices. So whether you’re sat at home on your computer or slogging through another work commute on the train with your phone, you’ll still be able to use the site.
Photos are a big issue with Match Affinity. If you’re using a free account, then you won’t see any photos at all. If you sign up for a paid account, you’ll only be able to see fuzzy coloured images (too fuzzy to make anything out) unless members specifically allow you to view their photos. This takes all the fun out of online dating window shopping.

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If you’re serious about online dating, Match Affinity is definitely a top contender. With such a balanced gender ratio, variety of educated members, lack of fake profiles and extremely high percentage of people looking for a serious relationship, it should be practically impossible for you not to find your perfect match if you sign up for a subscription and use your account to its fullest. Some advice I can give you is to make sure you fill out the questionnaire at the beginning carefully and thoughtfully. Whilst you might be eager to jump in at the deep end and start looking at profiles, filling out the questionnaire properly could easily be the difference between finding the love of your life and being stuck eating microwave meals for one for the rest of forever.

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Roger Ramjet
/5 stars

on 2017-01-17 21:49:51

The site looks nice and professional but there are no active profiles on there. When you do a search and run through them all you will find are profiles that have not been logged onto in more than a month.

Don't waste your time and money.

Peter perfitt
/5 stars

on 2016-07-14 21:56:11

Rubbish site, spent 19£ trying to contact them on phone, impossible. No e mail address on website. Sorry I ever joined

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