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Lonely Single Mums Look to Online Dating

64% of Single Mothers admit to being lonely, with money the biggest contributing factor.

Single Mothers would rather have a man this Mother’s Day than the inevitable presents.

Being at the forefront of online dating and with the fact that Mother’s Day is on the horizon we wanted to conduct some research into the feelings of Single Mums over the country and how they see online dating.

Recent news suggests that single parents will be hardest hit when a number of new government scheme is rolled out, meaning that this already potentially vulnerable group could become more exposed.

The study looked at numerous factors, including how lonely the average single mother feels, the factors contributing towards this feeling and any potential ties to online dating this might foster.In total we polled 1013 single mums in the UK with the results summarized below.

Do you feel lonely?

Yes – 64%
No – 36%

The results showed that 64% of single mums admitted to feeling lonely regularly, which to us, was a significant number.
When given the choice of the inevitable Mother’s Day presents, or the company of a potential male partner, 70% of respondents claimed they would prefer the company and chance of a relationship over gifts.

To further break down the results and to highlight if there is a divide between loneliness, the respondents were segregated by region. This highlighted that Single Mums in the midlands are the loneliest compared to single mothers in London and the south east, where they were found to be most at ease with their single status (per capita)


Midlands – 72% of single mums feel lonely
Scotland – 70% of single mums feel lonely
North West – 64% of single mums feel lonely
North East – 62% of single mums feel lonely
South West – 58% of single mums feel lonely
Wales – 52% of single mums feel lonely
London – 51% of single mums feel lonely

When quizzed as to the biggest contributor of feeling lonely, the most common answers are listed below

lack of money (58%)
lack of childcare (21%)
lack of self-confidence (14%)
lack of friends and/or family in close proximity (20%)

To tie up the short survey and to help us understand the role online dating and social media plays in the everyday life of the single mum we went on to ask the respondents their views of each of those aspects.

80% of single mums said they have or would consider joining online dating to help ease the loneliness.
The rise of Social media could be seen as a saving grace for a large proportion of those questioned – 25% commented that social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram) was their primary method of talking to anyone on an average day.

With the number of divorces in the UK still at a relatively high level, the problem of isolated single parents isn’t going to decrease anytime soon. By utilising online communities and social media, we can connect to more people than ever before, but it doesn’t seem to be helping the everyday person escape the rut of feeling lonely.

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