Dattch Dating App: Because Lesbians Like Love Too!

So one thing I found about online dating was that most sites were geared towards straight people with a filter allowing you to select ‘women seeking women’. This was great and all until you realise the supposed women contacting you were men asking for threesomes with their wife! Nice try buddy but your penis makes your request to meet up null and void. Gaydar Girls also seemed to be far too forward and the introductory emails from some girls were essentially invites for a booty call. 10 out of 10 for effort but that really isn’t the way to woo me. So much to my delight the fab new lesbian and bisexual dating app Dattch came about in all its “no no really we’re girls who like girls… and we’re cool… we promise” glory!

There was a market for it and Dattch broke through and made it happen! If you’re anything like me, over thinking  the pros and cons of finding your future wife online, you can procrastinate over their blog and catch up on a bit of lesbian gossip! It’s so simple to use and I like simple. You download the app to your phone or fancy pants device of choice and you’re ready to go! Well… there’s setting up your profile. But unlike most dating sites, there is no need for lengthy thought provoking prose to make you sound oh so witty and hot all at once. The app is linked to your Facebook account as well as other social platforms like Instagram, so all you have to do is add pics and accompanying texts to your profile. You ideally want to create a visually appealing profile to grab other girl’s attention/lull them into a false sense of security! The more photographs you upload of your super fun weekend away and selfies filtered within an inch of its life… the better!

dattch1       dattch2

Scrolling through potential dates is also easy enough and you can set your preferences by filtering the search by age and distance from you. Simples!

Dattch is far too easy and fabulous for you to be stupid enough to veto, especially if you’re a single gal who likes gals! Go forth and meet awesome women with the confidence that these ladies are in the same boat as you… desperate and horny! :)

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