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Illicit Encounters is an interesting site – although I can say I’ve never used it properly, I have logged in and had a look about. They bill themselves as the UK’s largest online dating site for married people, a controversial site, but with membership numbers of over 800,000 it has made its way into the mainstream. If you are thinking about using the site, then we have provided all the information you will need before hitting that payment button including how much is it to join illicit encounters, a short review of the Illicit Encounters website and also any additional tips and tricks, including any illicit encounters discount codes we have managed to nab for you to use whilst looking for a partner for the night! Illicit Encounters is one of the more expensive dating sites for men (women go free) they claim this keeps there user base exclusive and keeps the ratio of men to women at 1 : 1, so if that interests you, then read on!

illicit encounters offer

How Much Does it Cost to Join Illicit Encounters?

Illicit Encounters offer 4 membership types, standard (free), gold, gold plus and Platinum. Below is a quick reference to the cost of Illicit Encounters and the different membership packages they offer you as a paying and non-paying customer.

NOTE – an Illicit Encounters gold membership is absolutely free for all women on the site

Illicit Encounters gold membership

(link to description of basic plan compared to total connect plan)

4 Weekly Cost Contract Length Potential Savings (compared to £139.99 4 week payment) Total One Off Price
£86.66 12 weeks £159.98 £259.99
£139.99 4 weeks £0 £139.99

*Note if you extend your gold membership before it expires, you can get 4 additional weeks for the discount rate of £109.99

Illicit Encounters gold plus membership

(link to description of connect plan compared to basic plan)

4 Weekly Cost Contract Length Potential Savings (compared to £169.99 4 week payment) Total One Off Price
£116.66 12 weeks £159.98 £349.99
£133.32* 6 weeks £54.99 £199.99
£169.99 4 weeks £0 £169.99

*The 6 week ‘perfect starter package‘ comes with 10,000 IE credits (more about these below) All other gold plus memberships come with 1500 IE credits.

Note – if you extend your gold plus membership before it expires, you can get 4 additional weeks for the discount rate of £149.99

Illicit Encounters platinum membership

4 weekly cost Contract Length Potential Savings (compared to £499.99 4 week payment) Total One Off Price
£499.99 4 weeks £0 £499.99

*All platinum memberships come with 10000 IE credits

Join Illicit Encounters Now & Save £69.99

Unlike other dating sites, Illicit Encounters will not auto renew your membership, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to cancel the subscription and run into a tonne of bills!
As with the nature of the site, Illicit Encounters will not show on your bank statements or credit card bills, stated simply as (edit: I removed the name as to stop people finding out what the bank charge was for)  so your snooping spouse won’t suspect anything you dirty dawg!

Compare Illicit Encounters Membership Plans

We have created the below table to illustrate the differences between the 4 Illicit encounter packages:

Membership Feature standard membership gold membership gold plus membership platinum membership
Create a Profile YES YES  YES  YES
Add Photos YES YES  YES  YES
2 Way Profile Matching YES YES  YES  YES
Search Profiles YES YES  YES  YES
Send Virtual Kisses YES YES  YES  YES
Receive Messages NO YES  YES  YES
Send Messages NO YES  YES  YES
Live Chat NO YES  YES  YES
Holiday Mode NO NO  NO  YES
Invisible Mode NO NO  YES  YES
Priority Customer Support NO NO  YES  YES
 Intro Video NO NO  YES  YES
 Rich Text Message (use of special characters) NO NO  YES  YES
 Auto Message Responders NO NO  YES  YES
 See if Messages Have Been Read NO NO  YES  YES
 Live Alerts (alerts you when a favourite is online or your message has been read) NO NO  YES  YES
Custom Panic Button NO NO  YES  YES
Advanced Profile Views NO NO  YES  YES
Listed in Front of Other People NO NO  NO  YES
Platinum Badge for Your Profile NO NO  NO  YES
3 Free Gold Accounts NO NO  NO  YES

Additional Costs

Illicit Encounters offer the chance to buy ‘IE Credits’ These allow you to send virtual gifts to people you might be interested in. To get a feel for their cost, you can purchase:

20,000 IE credits = £49.99
3000 IE Credits = £19.99

Virtual gifts can be sent to anyone you might be interested in and range from 20 credits for a feather and 300 credits for a Mojito right up to 10,000 credits for a snow laden chalet!
I personally do t get the appeal of buying credits, but then again I haven’t received a 4000 credit ‘pearl necklace’ from a secret admirer, so Ill reserve judgement for now!

What Do You Get from Illicit Encounters For Free?

Here are the free features that Illicit Encounters offer for users:

  • You get to fill out the Illicit Encounters profile questionnaire and create profile
  • You can search profiles in their database
  • You can send virtual kisses & virtual gifts to people you want to flirt with
  • You can add profiles to your favourite list
  • You can add photos to your profile

Get a Free Illicit Encounters Account

Joining Illicit Encounters & Using an Illicit Encounters Promotional Code

If you decide to join Illicit Encounters you will be taken through the short profile questionnaire and profile creation steps. The screenshot below highlights what you will see.

Illicit Encounters Sign Up

The process isn’t as intense as the other dating sites, whether this has something to do with the nature of the site or not, but I definitely feel that the site could do with some investing to make it more user friendly. The questions are more open ended at Illicit Encounters and they make sure you fill out the information, they also manually review your profile, which I guess is a nice safety touch, although I’m not sure what they are looking for in order to knock back your profile.

Here is a quick shot of the payment page – if we found an Illicit Encounters promotional code then we will also have a specific link for you to use, that will take you to a special place you can use it on the Illicit Encounters site – check below to see if we can save you any money today!

Illicit Encounters Prices

Live Illicit Encounters Promotional Codes 2016

Get 6 weeks gold membership for the price of 4 weeks (Saving £69.99) by clicking the link below and joining Illicit Encounters

Join Now & Save £69.99

Tips & Money Saving Tricks

  • If you extend your membership before it expires, you can get 4 additional weeks for the discount rate of £109.99 (Saving you £30)
  • Illicit Encounters launched an app in conjunction with app creators Loky – this basically helps hide all of your secret messages and phone calls from your unsuspecting other half

Illicit Encounters Reviews

Illicit Encounters Number of Users

Let’s start off by looking at the facts. Illicit Encounters states that more than 920,500 genuine people use the site in the UK. Now, I can’t prove it’s 100% true (no one fancied volunteering for the job of manually counting each and every profile) but this statistic is reported enough online to rely on it. The sign-up ratio of males to females is 55:45, which means it’s slightly easier for women to find men than it is for men to find women.

The average Illicit Encounters member is usually someone who ranks highly professionally – i.e. works in a management or executive role – and is aged between 36 and 40 years old. Saying this, Illicit Encounters lets you search for anyone aged between 20 and 99, so there are plenty of users younger and older than the average age bracket.

Our Verdict: It’s a great place to meet like-minded professional individuals coming up to middle-age looking for no-strings-attached fun.

Quality of Illicit Encounters Matches

How happy you’ll be with your matches will probably come down to whether you’re a man or woman. Women usually get a lot more attention than men do on Illicit Encounters, which probably has something to do with the fact that after having forked out £140 for one month’s membership, many men are pretty desperate to get their money’s worth and cram in as many dates as possible. Since women don’t have to pay to join, they’re happier to take things easy and aren’t in as much of a rush.

Although Illicit Encounter is one of the most expensive online dating websites out there, the high sign-up price does mean that fake and spam account are kept to an absolute minimum and that the men on the site are genuinely interested in forming relationships of sorts.

The quality of your matches will also depend on what you’re looking for in an Illicit Encounters relationship. From what I’ve heard, many women on the site are purely interested in an erotic pen pal-type relationship. If you’re a man and want a fully-fledged affair, you might find that you have to wade through a fair few women who just want to send and receive the odd naughty email or text and nothing as serious as what you’re looking for. On the other hand, if you’re a women interested in some serious fun, you should have your pick of the bunch as most of the men on the site are interested in hot and steamy meet-ups.

Our Verdict: As well as being able to search for matches yourself, Illicit Encounters will also email you once a day with Matchfinder results determined by the info you provided when you set up an account. So as long as you’re honest in the questionnaire about who you are and the type of relationship you want, you should get perfect matches. If not, you always have the option of searching them out yourself.

Customer Service

If you have a question that needs answering, the first place you should go is the ‘Help’ section. This part of the site features a handy drop-down menu with loads of FAQs, ranging from ones related to prices and codes of conduct to dating safety advice and how to cover your tracks. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, click on the ‘Support’ tab where you’ll find a form you can fill in with your question. Alternatively, you can write directly to the main office, send the support team an email, or if you need your question answering asap, get on the phone and give them a call on 020 7953 7165.

Our Verdict: Because their customers are paying very good money to be there, the Illicit Encounters customer service is top notch and the people seem genuinely keen to help – they’re not simply there get more money out of you. The emails you receive seem to be from areal person aswell and reaching out to them does result in a quick reply.


Overall the whole experience of illicit encounters feels a bit cheap and fake – we have received numerous ‘anonymous’ reviews saying that the number of active users isn’t as stated by the site and some users do continually go on to have 0 interactions with real people. If you are interested in joining this site and have the spare cash to do so, I feel that this review wont deter you too much, but as for recommending it, I can’t. Whether this has something to do with the underlying principles of the site, I think it is – if you aren’t happy in your relationship, talk to your partner…don’t cheat!

4 thoughts on “Illicit Encounters Cost of Membership 2018”

  1. I think all dating sites are the same I got lots of messages on there never even finished my profile I’m trying to work out why women get membership free they want to be treated equally I’ve women friends who earn more money than me

  2. Also important to note: all men are contacted by fake profiles shortly after joining to encourage them to fork out for gold membership. The fake profiles are run by the company themselves purely to generate membership.

    1. I have to say I have been suspicious about the fake profiles because as soon as my membership expired I got more messages than I had in the previous 3 weeks. I think there’s definitely something not quite right about this.

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