Speed Dating History

The History of Speed Dating

If you are new to the dating game, searching for options and things to try, then no doubt you have come across the phenomenon that is Speed Dating. Speed Dating is an ever present part of the UK’s dating scene, so we thought we would do a little digging to find the mad genius who invented this painstakingly brilliant idea….

What is Speed dating?

Basically speed dating is an event where a group of guys/gals get together to experience a short burst of time in each others company. You get to meet a vast array of people in a fairly short space of time, knowing you are both up for meeting a potential partner.
Girls – You usually sign up to the event and get your own table that potential prince charmings come to show off their best game.
Guys – you get to play musical chairs and switch tables every time a bell is rung – this can be anywhere between 2 mins a piece or up to 10 whole minutes or awkward silenceness! Sounds fun, right?
Once you have whored yourself out to each and every member in the room, you get to put a tick or cross next to everyone you’ve met – 2 ticks means contact details are exchanged. 1 cross means there is obviously something wrong with you, you’re going to be alone forever so stop trying and just accept it and 2 crosses means you are both as shallow as each other!

Who invented Speed Dating anyway….and Why?

Cutting a long story short, a crazy lecturing Rabbi by the name of Yaacov Deyo coined the term and the practice of SpeedDating in LA, California in 1998.
The whole thought was aimed at helping young Jewish singles mingle and by the sounds of it, it was quite successful.
This outlandish practice has now spread like wildfire and has no doubt helped many self assured men peacock their way into a bed or 2.
After its origin in 1998, the first Speed-Dating event in the UK was organised in 2002 in London

How long does Speed Dating last

This depends on who is running the show and how awkward you want to get. Normal practice is between 2 and 5 minutes, I’ve personally been to a 10 minute gig, this defies the speed element and can get totes awks! “Soooo, do you have anything else to say, or should I just kill myself now?”

Does Speed Dating actually work?

Meh – debatable. I’ve only ever had nice chats with people after speed dating but then again I didn’t think I would meet ‘the one’ whilst I was sweating preciously and mumbling my way through a drunken story that ended with an inappropriate joke about midgets and a  stripper who had a fake leg – who’d have thought!
There have been numerous studies by people vastly more intelligent than I into this subject. Speed Dating has also spawned some interesting studies into the selection process of ‘participants’ of speed dating:
– A study by the university of Essex (Essex of all places!) concluded that a man’s height had the biggest influence on their desirability. When height reduced by 1 inch, their desirability reduced by 5%. It also found that a women’s age was the biggest attribute from the eyes of a man.
– A piece by LiveScience and PsychCentral found that the sex that were seated (i.e. non rotating) became more selective in their decision of whom to date
This study  suggests that usually unattractive traits and habits such as smoking, views on religion & previous relationships played less a role in speed dating – so if you are a serial divorcee, who smokes and is offensive, then speed dating might be for you!

Some ‘handy’ Speed Dating advice

So having used this exact Google search before I went speed dating and finding nothing that was really ‘me’ I decided to add this section as a bit of a helper to anyone thinking about speed dating for the first time. This doesn’t include the obvious, brush your teeth and actually shower, which went a miss on a few people I’ve met whilst speed dating!
– Don’t go alone – take a friend, even one that isn’t single if your struggling to find one (given their spouse isn’t an obsessive mental case) It will calm you down and give you someone to laugh with!
– Nervous? Have a drink beforehand! – Don’t get wasted a vom all over your soon to be wife. Get your bezzie over and have a glass of pino before you leave, your way more interesting after a drink, trust me!
– Don’t plan what you are going to talk about – let it flow. I had a plan and I fucked up the first few ‘3 minutes dates’ as they didn’t follow my strict plan of pet talk and hobbies!
– Don’t stroke anyone’s leg under the table – someone did this to me once and it kind of freaked me out!

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