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Guardian Soulmates Cost of Membership 2018

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Guardian Soulmates is one of the most respected and popular dating sites in the UK. Launched in 2004, the site boasts over 200,000 ACTIVE (active, being the keyword here) members and their site is crammed full of success stories. Billed as the place where ‘like minded’ people find their match, Guardian Soulmates is a love child of the ever popular Guardian Newsletter, which helps a number of people relate to the type of user they will find on the dating site.
To help aid the growing popularity of Guardian Soulmates, the Guardian uses its online and offline popularity to advertise its dating service. When you sign up, you have the opportunity to opt in or out of potentially appearing on the Guardian website, The Observer Website (also owned by the Guardian) and the newspaper versions of both. This potentially massive (200,000 daily readers) audience helps Guardian Soulmates bring a unique mix of people to the dating game. Is it any good? I found it to be a great experience and a change amongst other dating sites.

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Below you will find information related to the cost of a subscription, a short Guardian Soulmates review of service as well as any Guardian Soulmates discount codes I have found for you to use – enjoy!

How Much Does it Cost to Join Guardian Soulmates?

Below is an overview of the cost of Guardian Soulmates, details of their different membership packages and our recommendations for signing up to their dating site.

The Guardian Soulmates Paid Membership

£16 6 months £96 £96
£21.33 3 months £32 £64
£32 1 month £0 £32

*Note when signing up to a paid membership, The Guardian Soulmates will charge your account for the full amount. Once this has ended, you will be charged monthly at the initial rate you signed up at.

Once you have signed up to a paid Soulmates subscription, The Guardian will automatically renew your membership once it expires, to stop this go to your subscription status and ‘stop ongoing payments’ – more details with screenshots are below.

Compare Guardian Soulmates Paid Vs Free Membership Plans

Ive listed and compared the different features you get when signing up to a paid soulmates membership versus a free account

Like members Yes Yes
Block / hide members Yes Yes
See Photo Yes Yes
Search other members Yes Yes
See more than 1 photo No Yes
Advanced search (search by interests, age lifestyle etc) No Yes
Find your shared interested No Yes
See matches full profiles No Yes
Send / Receive personal messages No Yes

What Do You Get from Guardian Soulmates For Free?

By signing up to a Guardian Soulmates Free account, without paying a penny, you will get the below features:

  • You can review your matches
  • You can search the fellow singletons on the Guardian Soulmates website
  • You can see 1 photo of each member
  • You can receive messages, but not send!
  • You can like/block/hide members
  • You get a brief overview of each member

Compared to other dating sites, you get a fair amount of features before paying anything, but for the good info and features you will need to sign up to a paid account.

Joining Guardian Soulmates Review & Using a Guardian Soulmates Discount Code

Perfect, you are interested in joining The Guardian Soulmates, congratulations! We found it to be a unique mix of people and certainly a refreshing change from the ‘every man and their dog’ approach that some other sites like to enforce.
By going to their website and signing up, you will first be asked to enter your name and email address to get started, the start screen should look a little something like the below

guardian soulmates sign up

The questionnaire is nowhere near as in depth as the one from eHarmony, you are asked basic questions that describe your appearance, your lifestyle and what you are looking to gain from the joining Guardian Soulmates. It strikes me as more of a long terms/serious relationship type site, so if that’s what you are looking for, then great – but don’t take my word for it – at least sign up for a free account, you have nothing to lose.
Your profile won’t be paraded actually within the Guardian newspaper but when you join you have the option (as I said above) to opt out of the appearing in the newspaper within promotional material, so make sure you check that out before you spot yourself spread-eagle across the middle pages of the Guardian 
The next step in signing up will be the payment page, now make sure you have read our feature comparison above before committing, but if you are ready to go for it, then you should see a similar page to the one below.
NOTE: The price you can see below, might change depending on the time of year you are looking to join The Guardian Soulmates do change their pricing structure based on the time of year

guardian soulmates payment info

The Guardian Soulmates dating site isn’t the cheapest site out there, but it also isn’t the most expensive, I’m working my socks off to bring you guys the best prices when it comes to dating and so if I’ve managed to blag a Guardian Soulmates discount code, it will be below for you to use. Just a word of warning, Guardian Soulmates don’t provide promotional codes, they will give me a special link that contains a specific offer, so if any site is claiming to have a code, then ignore them!
Most dating sites will recommend you take at least 3 months before you review their service and I generally agree with this statement. Looking at their price structure of Guardian Soulmates, I would recommend at least the 3 month plan, simply because the price is a lot higher paying on a 1 month basis.

Guardian Soulmates Free Trial

Aren’t I good to you guys and gals! I’ve managed to get access to a 3 day Guardian Soulmates Free trial just for you.
I’ve listed some notes about the free trial below to make sure you don’t get charged extra.

First off, click this link to get your Guardian Soulmates Free trail.

NOTE: Make sure your profile is up to date and as perfect as possible as soon as you join, you will want to make the most of the free 3 days.

Once you are signed up and ready, go and cancel your ongoing payments to make sure you don’t get charged when you trial ends. To do this navigate to your ‘subscription status’ within the ‘my account’ menu.

guardian soulmates cancel subscription

Word of Warning: If you want to carry on your membership after your free trial has ended, then cancel your subscription and sign up to a 3 month plan. The 1 month plan isn’t very cost friendly and for £32 extra you will get an extra 2 months (see the pricing table above)

Once you have enjoyed your 3 day free trial, make sure to check out our discount code section to get the best price on your guardian soulmates membership.

Live Guardian Soulmates Discount Code 2016

Before taking advantage of any of the discounts below, you will need to click through to activate the deals and then go ahead and complete your profiles. If you don’t see a live discount below, simply signup by clicking on a link below and email me your confirmation email along with the date you signed up and I will send you a gift to say thanks for using my site.

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Click here to see all of our live Guardian Soulmates Discount Codes

Tips & Money Saving Tricks

  • If we don’t have a live discount, then sign up to our newsletter and if you can wait, I’ll send you an update as soon as the next discount code or offers becomes available.
  • Take advantage and at least sign up for a free account. If you are not sure of whether to sign or not, just go for it!
  • Follow Guardian Soulmates on Twitter as they will sometime release offers via their social channels
  • Keep up to date with the Guardian Soulmates blog, as they often feature special offers, discounts & exclusive events
  • Fancy going on a blind date, set up by The Guardian Soulmates? Email them and see what happens

PS If you do the blind date, we’d love to hear about it!

Guardian Soulmates Events

Guardian soulmates run spontaneous dating events, to help bring their online users together in a fun environment and generally help spread the love. If you are a member, then definitely keep an eye out for these nights as they tend to be free for you guys to attend and sell out fairly quickly, which says alot for their user data base (a lot of tight people)

Previous soulmates nights have included

  • Cinema viewings (free to members) across the country
  • Ice skating events in London
  • Wine tasting in Vinapolis

Guardian Soulmates Reviews

Below I’ve put together this helpful review to cover everything and anything you need to know before you join the site, so you can decide if it’s right for you or if your efforts would be better spend elsewhere.

How Many Users Does Guardian Soulmates Have?

Guardian Soulmates has around 200,000 active members – that’s significantly less than some of the UK’s leading dating sites, such as eHarmony which claims to have millions of users. The gender ratio is split into a pretty even 51% male to 49% female, which means your chances of finding love if you’re searching for a bloke are slightly better, but there’s really nothing in it. User ages fall between 18 and 85, but you’ll find most users aged somewhere between 30 and 55.
Verdict: A small pool of users compared to the big guns of online dating, but that’s what you expect from a niche dating website with a specific type of user. This can be seen as a positive because the users on Guardian Soulmates are of a specific type already.

Quality of Guardian Soulmates Matches

Although it’s less sophisticated than some of the other online dating sites, Guardian Soulmates’ matching feature is pretty spot on, I put this down to the people that are encouraged to join the site, it automatically ‘weeds’ out people you wouldn’t want to date. Like all other sites, you can limit matches by hair colour/eye colour/build or within a certain mile radius to meet someone, Guardian Soulmates can help you find potential matches who tick all the boxes.
Verdict: Unfortunately, on sign up Guardian Soulmates do let a few spam messages through the filters, so be wary of the messages you receive in the first week or so after you create your account. A handy tip I like to use is to fill out your profile but not include a description or photo. Serious people looking for relationships won’t contact someone without a description or a photo, so any messages I get whilst my profile is like this, I usually write off. After a week, I include a description and a photo and almost all the messages I receive after this are 100% genuine.

Customer Service

If you’ve got a question about how Guardian Soulmates works or you’ve got a problem with your account, the first place you need to visit is the ‘Help’ section of the site. If the help section proves to be less than helpful, scroll down to the bottom of the page and contact the customer services team by filling out the contact form.
Guardian Soulmates’ customer service team isn’t just there to help you out with technical questions about the site and your account – they’re also available to give you tips and advice when it comes to online dating.
Verdict: Points knocked off for not having a customer services phone number for users to call, but the troubleshooting help page and the dating advice make up for it.

Guardian Soulmates App

The Guardian Soulmates have a mobile friendly website and interface and also a free app on the iTunes store. They don’t have an android app…yet.

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  1. I am new to the whole online thing and would love to have a feel of the three day trial. Is that possible anytime soon?

  2. I have had 3 days of trying to Send a message back to someone! my Send button doesnt work, neither does the help email send button HELP Please. I would like the 3 days refund too please

  3. Is it worth setting up a free soulmates account and then waiting for an offer to come up or are the discount offer links just for people setting up a new account?

    1. Hi Dawn, I would say leave it until there is a good offer from us that you want to use, just because the offer might only be for new users.
      Have you found one yet>?>?

      If not, hold tight, I should have a great offer live soon 🙂

  4. Good Morning,

    Please could you add me to your mailing list for possible discount codes for the Guardian Soulmates memembership? Thank you.


    1. Hey Zara, please add yourself using the box in the side bar as you will need to confirm your email address – do it soon as I have a great guide to online dating being published FOR FREE in the next few days plus some fab Black Friday discounts to share 🙂

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