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Elite Singles Cost & Review of Membership 2018

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EliteSingles.co.uk is an online dating website built for sophisticated and ambitious singles looking for love in the UK and Ireland.

Worlds away from other popular free dating websites which are full of all sorts of riff raff, Elite Singles is aimed at professionals with high aspirations who have equally high standards when it comes to everything in life, including dating.

In order to match the high standards of their users, Elite Singles prides itself on its research-based scientifically-proven matchmaking process, much like eHarmony, which you can take advantage of to find the perfect match for you.

The matchmaking process is so successful thanks to the extensive personality test which all users must fill out if they want to sign up. Although it is one of the lengthiest questionnaires around in the UK online dating scene, it covers anything and everything to ensure that you’ll find true compatibility in your matches.

Below we’ve covered a short Elite Singles Review and outlined the cost of joining Elite Singles, as well as a brief overview of the site and any Elite Singles discount codes we’ve come across to share with you guys… you are most welcome

How Much Does it Cost to Join Elite Singles?

Here’s a summary of the Elite Sinlges prices and how much you can expect to pay if you want to find potential dates through the Elite Singles service, I’ve highlighted the different types of memberships which are available:

Elite Singles Premium Membership

Monthly Cost Contract Length Potential Savings (compared to £74.95 monthly payments) Total One Off Price
£22.95 12 months £624 £275.40
£39.95 6 months £210 £239.70
£49.95 3 months £75 £149.85
£74.95 1 month £0 £74.95


Elite Singles Premium Plus Membership

Monthly Cost Contract Length Potential Savings (compared to £89.95 monthly payments) Total One Off Price
£29.95 12 months £720 £359.40
£44.95 6 months £270 £269.70
£69.95 3 months £240 £209.85
£89.95 1 month £0 £89.95

Join Elite Singles

According to Elite Singles, their three month membership plans are the most popular option, probably because they offer a combination of value-for-money and affordability. Whilst the 12-month Elite Singles membership plans are the most cost-effective option, we would recommend choosing the three-month plan. The users can be well matches and so choosing a shorter option will let you get a free for the site before committing too much time to it.

NOTE – If you want to cancel your membership, make sure to give them 7 days notice BEFORE your next payment is due!

Compare Elite Singles Premium Vs Premium Plus Membership Plans

Below is a quick comparison between the features for both the Elite Singles Premium & Premium Plus membership plans to help you pick which one to go for:

Membership Feature Elite Singles PREMIUM Elite Singles PREMIUM +
View all photos YES YES
Send unlimited messages YES YES
See who has viewed your profile YES YES
Have your profile suggested to other members YES YES
20 additional daily suggestions NO YES
Identity verification so others can be certain you are who you say you are NO YES
View your detailed personality profile NO YES
 Notifications when someone reads your messages  NO  YES

What Do You Get from Elite Singles For Free?

When you register and join Elite Singles dating you will get the below perks for absolutely £0! Put your card away…..for now!

  • To see your matches (but not their photos – sad face)
  • A scientifically-created personality profile
  • Partner Suggestions
  • Exchange smiles to let others know you are interested
  • Five questions to find out more about other Elite Singles members
  • Upload photos
  • Receive messages

Elite Singles Review & Using an Elite Singles Promotional Code

If you’ve decided to enter into the world of online dating by signing up for an Elite Singles membership, you won’t have any trouble finding the sign-up form – it’s the first think you’ll see on the homepage. Simply select which gender you are, which gender you’re looking for, type in your email address and accept the terms and you’re good to go…or so they let you think.
Next you’ll be asked to type in a password and fill in the lengthy questionnaire, which Elite Singles claims takes 20 minutes to fill in – I timed it 26 minutes, precise! The questionnaire covers absolutely everything, from the ethnic group to which you belong and your height to how well the word ‘conservative’ applies to you and how sexy you think you are. Thankfully, most of the questionnaire is made up of tick boxes, drop-down menus and slide bars, so it’s not too daunting.

Elite Singles Membership Sign Up Page

You can’t skip this part of the sign-up process – you either have to finish it when you start it or save your progress and come back to it at a later point. The overall feel of the site, matches its audience, very professional and well designed. When you have waded your way through the colossal Elite Singles questionnaire, you’ll be encouraged to upload a photo, either from your computer or your Facebook profile. You can skip this step, but Elite Singles claims that profiles with photos are eight times’ more likely to be viewed, so you might as well add one.

After all that, the website will calculate your partner suggestions. Whilst it’s busy calculating, you can stare blankly at the screen or use the time to your advantage and fill in your Elite Singles profile with info about your personal qualities, hobbies, situations you feel most comfortable in, what you would wish for if you had one wish (don’t type in ‘three more wishes’, it’s not witty…), pet peeves, what makes you laugh and what is important to you in a relationship.

When you’ve completed these sections, you’ll be taken to the subscription page where you can sign-up for a paid Elite Singles membership. If you’re not interested in a paid membership, you can click the almost-invisible ‘skip’ link in the top right corner of the site. On the other hand, if you are interested in a paid membership, all you have to do is select the plan that you’re interested in and you’ll be taken to the payment page.

Elite Singles Cost

If we have found an ElitetSingles promotional code for you, make sure you click on the ‘To redeem a coupon code, please click here’ link under the total price. A little box will open up where you can type in your discount code and claim your savings.

Live Elite Singles Promo Codes 2017

Elite Singles currently do not have any discounts on offer

Elite Singles
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View Elite Singles Costs

16 thoughts on “Elite Singles Cost & Review of Membership 2018”

  1. Elite Singles is a scam
    when I cancelled my subscription within 24 hours of starting it, they continued to try and charge me for a years membership !! They now say I owe them 415 Euros!! Not only that, but you only get about 5 matches – Ever.
    load of rubbish.

    1. thank you for the warning i have filled out my profile i have three messages but at £89 for one month i really do not think i will pay that to read a message so i think i will play safe and cancel,

  2. Signed up for 6 months but stopped using it after just over 8 weeks as it was about as Elite as the participants on a Jeremy Kyle show. They are now trying to rebill me for another 6 months at the full price of almost £240 even though I have told them I am not interested (Amex refused to pay them so they’re trying to take me to court now). I continue to receive emails to tell me that people are sending me messages even though their terms suggest they remove the profiles of inactive members. Finally, as a test, I changed my profile to read “I am no longer using this service. Should you also find it’s not for you I urge you to cancel your membership as you will most likely be rebilled for more than your initial subscription and, no matter how polite your requests for a refund, it is unlikely you will be granted one”. I received an email within 10 minutes to tell me that this message had been removed as it “breached their code of conduct”. Two words: Con Merchants. Please, I urge you, do not waste your money.

    1. Thanks for your review Simon – we are sorry to hear you didn’t have the most successful experience with Elite Singles. Ill chase them up for an official response.

  3. I am having difficulty in closing my account and I only joined for one month . I am now being threatened with final demands for £59.95, which I strongly object to as the whole experience has been unsatisfactory due to continued incompatible matches.

    1. Hey Wendy, Im really sorry to hear that, please contact EliteSingles and my fingers are crossed that you will be able to resolve it!

  4. It was very difficult to cancel, and when I had cancelled, I discovered that there was a small clause (and no warning) that seven days notice had to be given else the ORIGINAL payment would be renewed. Like many people, I had taken advantage of a three month discount at the beginning, so got hit for another £135, AFTER I had cancelled. They just quoted the T&Cs back at me. I am passing them on to UK consumer watchdogs, as it is bad practice to not warn people in this way, though it is not hard to see why they use this tactic to get extra income.

    1. Thanks for the update Anthony, Ive just updated our page to make a note of this as it could be useful.
      Thanks and good luck!

  5. Just joined this; and as others have said there is no way to cancel it, you cannot contact the help-line it is blank! The matches are everything but compatible, they are just there. Probably other poor souls looking for a special person but cant cancel either! I wish I had read these comments before thinking that they must be legitimate.
    This is a massive con and quite frankly pretty revolting really.
    It is truly Elite in that perspective and no other.

  6. They make it impossible to cancel without cancelling your debit card. Regardless on how successful you are in meeting a new partner, it should be straightforward in cancelling the subscription. I found it impossible, there were lots of “links” where it stated “click here to cancel” they didn’t work. It is disgusting! It should be as easy as to join. I cancel my card to cancel.

    1. Thanks for the comment Tina, sorry that Elite Singles wasn’t for you!
      I think this might be an idea for a new section of the site – Ill create a FAQ page for Elite Singles and add a section on cancelling for people like you – great comment!
      Best of luck and feel free to email me if you fancy looking at another site 🙂

  7. I’ve just been through the Elite Singles questionnaire and finally got through to the prices! wow! That’s quite expensive, when I have no idea what I would be getting on the other side!? Do you not do a free week trial?!

    1. Hey April,

      Elite is one of the more expensive sites, I think its down to who they are targeting and who they basically want on their site.
      Unfortunately they don’t do free trials as of yet but I have been told they are working on the ability to offer them in the new year, so fingers crossed.
      Sign up to my newsletter and you will get an update with any news I might get. Best of luck!!!

  8. I tried to join elite singles website a few days ago and exchange my visa card details … and as of yet i havent received any people to chat on line to .. and i hope you will not be taking any money from my account as I am not happy with your service

    1. Hey Sandra,
      Thanks for your message. Try following up with Elite Singes as they might be able to help you use their service. I didn’t use it extensively so I couldn’t comment much, but definitely try and email them direct.
      If you want to send me an email, Id love to use your comments for a review of their site, to help other wanna be daters?
      Thanks alot for dropping in!

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