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eHarmony vs Match UK

The online dating world can be fairly daunting place if you have no idea where to start because you have no idea what it is you really want! Well… except to be loved damn it! To weigh up the pros and cons is an age old method when deciding and so to help I have compared two of the biggest online dating sites and created, what will hopefully be a helpful eHarmony vs Match blog post. In order to size up this fight of two heavy weights in the field, I have tried to break it down for you as succinctly as possible so ultimately the decision is up to you… FIGHT!

The Background Story


Born in 2000 in the US and launched in 2008 in the UK, this dating site uses more science than magic to woo people into your life! They use detailed questions devised from over 25 years of psychology experience from Dr Neil Clark Warren. It’s this psychology know how which is supposed to provide the best matches for you and your potential new love!

The grandparent of online dating started way back in 1995. Apparently they claim to have been responsible for a fair few marriages in their time, but there are no proven stats for that!

How Do They Work?


If you like taking tests and ticking boxes then you’ll love these guys! eHarmony makes you complete questionnaires and multiple choice questions taking on board nearly 30 different character traits. They focus on your emotions and thoughts on various subjects. Exhausting it may be but its foundation is based on scientific research. So the process may seem tedious but they’re just trying to help you find a perfect match.

eHarmony doesn’t operate like the other dating sites when it comes to searching. There is little browsing to do as eHarmony does all the grafting for you based on the results of your personality test and profiler. (Be sure to answer the questions honestly otherwise you might be paired up with a complete randomer!) eHarmony basically works as a real matchmaking service sending you profiles of people who you genuinely would be interested in, rather than other folk who have been generated at random because you both have the same colour hair! You will get sent daily matches of actual date options.

These guys are more in your face and upfront with the search options. There is plenty to choose from so you can get a list of specific suitors or something more generic . There is less science with the matches just simply pairing you with people who may have the same interests. base their findings on facts and your profile description rather than how you feel about the world! You can save searches so you’re not forever trying to perform the same query every time you log on. If you’re looking for something far more hands on and straight forward, then may peak your interest!

If you throw yourself into and fill out your profile honestly with all your likes and dislikes and then interact with others, the more you raise your profile and alert others to your awesomeness! Unlike eHarmony who focus on compatibility, also encourage you to mix things up and view profiles of people who may be the total opposite to you. Sometimes finding your match doesn’t mean finding someone just like you!

Communicating With Potential Matches


So, OK, we’ve established that eHarmony are more about really getting to know you and their approach can appear like they’re trying to hold your hand through it all. However by pinpointing what you’re into and what you’re not, allows more time for you finding someone you really connect with. eHarmony help you approach others by way of icebreakers, smiles and emails. The icebreakers are a great way to say “hi I find you interesting… let’s start a conversation!” rather than the cringe generic email saying “hi I like your profile!” and then a tumble weed of nothingness!

I’ve copied in a screenshot of the eHarmony experience. This basically shows which profiles eHarmony have hand picked for you based upon your questionnaire. If you were to hover over each, more details are shown and if you pay you can see their full profile. I personally preferred this approach to the bulk feel of (see below) – although you will have to pay to be able to view pictures, whereas with you can have a nose at what they look like beforehand.


As already explained, are far more straight forward and so trying to get someone else’s attention on the site is quite basic. You can ‘wink’ at someone but other than that it’s emailing them within the site making you do the leg work and trying to sell yourself a bit more.

Although fairly direct, also offer a ‘Daily 6’ which are profiles that may interest you. These are sent daily (the clue is in the name!) to your inbox in order to encourage you to reach out.

Again, I’ve copied in a  screenshot of the approach. As you can see my search based on my postcode alone got me over 1000 results and trawling through these can be quite tedious. As the image shows, the profiles are there for all to see, so you can see what takes your fancy if you enjoy looking through a few pages.



Both sites cost similar amounts and the longer you subscribe for the cheaper it will be each month. Both sites recommend 6 months as the ideal time scale to get the most from their service, but then again I guess they would! In my opinion, join for 3 and see how you get on, the next 3 wont cost as much as they will be keen to keep you going.

Remember to check out our eHarmony promo codes & promo codes before signing up to either to ensure you get the best price!

eHarmony Basic Membership

Monthly Cost Contract Length Potential Savings (compared to £44.95 monthly payments) Total One Off Price
£7.95 24 months £888 £190.80
£9.95 12 months £420 £119.40
£18.95 6 months £156 £113.70
£21.95 3 months £69 £65.85
£44.95 1 month £0 £44.95 Standard Membership

Monthly Cost Contract Length Potential Savings (compared to £29.99 monthly payments) Total One Off Price
£12.99 6 months £102 £77.94
£19.99 3 months £30 £59.97
£29.99 1 month £0 £29.99

Any Freebies?


You are able to answer the relationship questionnaire and receive an analysis of your personality profile. This at least shows you what kind of dater you really are! When interacting with others online you can send ‘smiles’ and ‘icebreakers’ for free as well as view profile matches but without the pictures I’m afraid! eHarmony do run regular free communication weekends, see our page to find out when the next one is scheduled and how you can make the most of it.

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You can create your profile for free as well as filling out the relationship questionnaire. You are also able to send free ‘winks’ to those who you fancy. Plus you’re able to see potential matches AND their profile pic unlike eHarmony.

TV Adverts

Who doesn’t love a bit of visual! I thought showcasing the latest adverts for both eHarmony and might bring something else to the table for you to consider. See below for the brand new eHarmony Camel advert aswell…..exciting!


See more at the eHarmony UK youtube channel

See more at the UK youtube channel

Final Thoughts

I think choosing between either eHarmony or in the UK will depend on where you are in your life and how much time you have spare.

I really liked the way eHarmony send you only the best matches as it saved me a lot of time, and the actual site felt easier to use and a little more friendly (if that makes sense!)

I have friends who love because of the breadth of profiles they can peek through and have probably been on more  frequent dates than I found with eHarmony. This actually suited me to the ground because I wasn’t keen to be out every night (my bank balance wouldn’t allow it!) Cost wise they are fairly similar, especially after taking into account the discount codes that eHarmony tend to publish.

So there you have it! Have a little think and see which online dating site will work best for you and your particular needs/quirks! To fully benefit you will have to pay a fee, but it’s worth it for finding someone to run away into the sunset with… or something equally cheesy as that!

Which one did you end up choosing/thinking of choosing and why? I’d really love to hear from you!

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