eHarmony Promo Code UK 2018

“Never pay full price for an eHarmony membership in the UK”
I continue to work hard to bring you only the best offers and discounts for eHarmony which I hope you find useful.

Find below your active eHarmony promo code

Active eHarmony Promo Code 2018

*BEST DISCOUNT* 6 Months for £9.95
Click the link to activate discount
Activate Code LOCALUK

£9.95 per Month at eHarmony
Click the link to activate discount

eHarmony Free Trial - Ends 31st Dec
Click the link to activate the trial
Start Free Trial

Here are some expired eHarmony promotional codes, they probably won’t work but it doesn’t hurt to give them a go. Make sure you click the link to activate the code.

3 Months eHarmony for £40

Click to try code JOIN40

£14.95 Per Month - 6 Months eHarmony

Click to try code EH17UK

3 Months eHarmony for £44.86

Click to try code ODDSOFLOVE1

eHarmony 12 months for the price of 6

Click to try code UKT31111

eHarmony 3 months for the price of 1

Click to try code LEAPYEAR2016

eHarmony uk 6 month promo code

Click to try code PREZZYBOX

eHarmony 3 month promo code for £14.95

Click to try code MAYFLASHUK

eHarmony 6 month promo code

Click to try code FINDME2015

Get a 6 month eHarmony membership for £9.99

Click to try code LOVEME2015

eharmony 6 month discount code for £14.95

Click to try code BLUEMONDAY

Get a 6 month eHarmony membership for £9

Click to try code EH6MONTH

Get a 6 month eHarmony membership for the price of 5

Click to try code LOVEMAY5

eHarmony 6 Month promo code - £9.96 per month

Click to try code OFF6MONTHEH

eHarmony 6 Month promo code - £9.95 per month

Click to use code 6MONTHLOVE

eHarmony promo code 3 month for £4.95 a month

Click to use code 3MONTHEHLOVE

Get a 12 month eHarmony membership for £8.95

Click to try code 12MONTHOFF

eHarmony 12 Month promo code - £9.95 per month

Click to try code 12MONTHEXTRA

eHarmony 3 Month promo code - £5.95 per month

Click to try code MWx5x5

eHarmony 3 Month promo code - £14.95 per month


eHarmony 6 Month promo code - £9.95 per month

Click Code LOCALUK

eHarmony 3 Month promo code - £14.95 per month

Click Code SUMMER17UK

eHarmony promo code 3 Month - £14.95 per month


Popular eHarmony Discount Codes

Issued Code Description Code
22/06/2018 Exclusive – £9 for 3 Months Vist for Code
31/09/2017 £46.95 for 6 Months eHarmony ODDSOFLOVE1
31/08/2017 £14.95 a Month EH17UK
31/07/2017 £14.95 a Month SELECTEDUK
24/03/2017 £9.95 a Month LOCALUK
09/03/2017 Free Communication Available No Code Required
08/03/2017 Free Android iOS / Andriod App Live No Code Required
05/03/2017 Join For £9.95 PROMOLOVEEH
01/03/2017 Create Your Profile for Free No Code Required
24/02/2017 £9.95 Per Month On 12 Month Membership Orders PROMOLOVEEH
14/02/2017 Free Communication Available No Code Required
09/02/2017 Free Communication Available No Code Required
01/02/2017 Complete Your Profile For Free No Code Required

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How To Use Codes

With the amount of discounts flying around nowadays finding an eHarmony promo code should be fairly straight forward. Simply Sign Up Below To Receive an eHarmony promo code direct to your inbox. Even if eHarmony don’t have a live promotional code, you can get yourself £10 Cashback, simply by signing up to eHarmony through DatingPriceGuide – think of it as a first date present from me to you for using my site!

I’ve listed below the latest and greatest discounts from eHarmony, I’ve also listed some of the offers that have expired so you can see the types of savings they tend to offer to new customers. WORD OF WARNING – some sites publish fake promo codes, all eHarmony discount codes are at least 8 characters long, so if it isn’t – don’t trust the site! Want to see how much eHarmony costs? I’ve outlined what you can expect to pay for a UK membership

Overview of eHarmony Costs

Price Per Month Duration Total Cost Savings Using Our Codes
£13.95 24 months £334.80 £238.80 (-£96)
£21.95 12 months £263.40 £119.40 (-£144)
£32.95 6 months £197.70 £89.70 (-£108)
£40.95 3 months £122.85 £0**
£44.95 1 month £44.95 £0**

*saving are compared to the current contract costs and codes available
**No code is currently available for this duration

Notes on eHarmony Membership Prices

eHarmony very rarely give discounts on 3 month plans. In 3 years, I have seen 2 codes for their 3 month plan, so this is why we do not currently have any live discounts for the 3 month membership (NB They have NEVER given a one month plan discount to my knowledge)
The best value package, from our opinion and looking at the above table would be the 12 months at £9.95 that we offer quite regularly. Having spoken to alot of dating sites, the average user finds a lasting relationship in 6-8 months and after a 1 or 3 month membership, alot extend to a longer contract, so biting the bullet if we have a code live is the best option, especially when looking at the savings gained.
NOTE: the prices above are accurate as per the date shown, these will change and also change per account)

eHarmony Offers

eHarmony have a few key periods where offers and additional savings are usually releases, over the years we have noted the dates and copied them below, so if you are looking to join around these periods, hold tight as you might grab an extra few quid off.
NEW YEARS DAY – this is a very popular time for online dating and finding a discount around this time will be hard / impossible!
VALENTINES DAY – Again, a key period for new daters, so any offers or money off around this time will be near impossible to find.
END OF MARCH / EARLY APRIL – eHarmony usually offers some type of promotion around this time. This year they ran a buy 6 month, get 6 months free promotion.
JUNE – the run up to a key summer period usually kicks off with a June promotion – I think 3 months for the price of 2 was last years offer.
EHARMONY BLACK FRIDAY – like everyone else, eHarmony usually run a Black Friday event. Last Black Friday was 3 months for the price of 1. November is typically a quiet month, so if you are looking to join in November, hang tight until the last Friday! 🙂

eHarmony Free Trial Code UK

*UPDATE* Our Free Trial Is Currently Not Active*
Everyone wants a free trial, everyone loves a free trial #fact
eHarmony very rarely give free trials, thats why when we get one, we shout about it. The steps below are currently not active, but once the code is live again you should follow the steps to get your free trial.

How to Activate the Free Trial

Once the trial is live again, follow the below steps to activate your trial – please note this will only work for new customers. If you have previously used eHarmony, you will need to open a new account, with a new email address.
Step 1
Sign Up to eHarmony by clicking this link and signing up
Step 2
Complete your profile as much as you can and answer the questionnaire to make sure you get the most from your free trial. This will only work once per account.
Step 3
Click the link in the below box to activate the free trial and copy the code into the payment page to start.

Code – ehuktrial

Help! My eHarmony Free Trial Isn’t Working?

Ok, so if you have signed up to eHarmony using the above instruction and you are not seeing your free trial, please send me an email. Once you have done that, check your inbox, I will send you a unique code with instructions.

Free Communication

eHarmony also offer free communication events, we have covered them in more depth on our free communication weekend page but the general idea is that you can use eHarmony 100% free for a long weekend (some restrictions do apply, full details are on our page).
These run every 6 weeks (ish) and usually last Friday – Monday, the last free weekend was 26th November and we think the next one will be on or around the 26th December 2017, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you are looking to join eHarmony Australia, check out our eHarmony AU Promotional codes

How to use an eHarmony Discount Code

We may feature multiple offers, codes and deals on this page in a bid to save you the most money. The 2 most common offers are our famous £10 Cashback Offer and an eHarmony promo code that needs to be entered at the checkout. Finding the right place to use your eharmony promotional code can be a ballache, so hopefully this mini walk-through will help you out, if you need it.

#1 How To Claim my £10 Cashback

Ok, so claiming this is pretty easy. First you need to click the £10 Cashback Offer above (or use this link) and then simply fill out your eHarmony profile. Once you’ve done this, sign up to an eHarmony membership package and email me ( with your name & your eHarmony receipt – done! Give me a couple of days to reply and I’ll get your voucher to you ASAP! Here are the full details of the eHarmony offer, I’d recommend giving them a quick read!

#2 How to Use an eHarmony Promotional Code

Ok, great we have an amazing eHarmony promo code for you to use. Lets save you some cash money!! Step 1 – highlight (or write down) the code we have for you and copy it (CTRL + C) and click the offer to visit the eHarmony site Step 2 – complete your profile and proceed to the payment page Step 3 – enter the code you copied (either write it in or use CTRL + V) into the promo code box as shown in the image below. You will be taken through the payment process where your new total will be shown. If the code isn’t working, drop me an email because we only promote offers that are 100% working!

Using eharmony promo code Step 4 – Enjoy looking at all the hotties, go get your dating ON and bathe in the spare cash you now have!


Why doesn’t the code work?
Sometimes eHarmony stop a code without telling us, so we rely on you guys to tell us if something isn’t working and we will fix it asap.
I try my best to keep these as up to date as possible, so I’m really sorry if a code doesn’t work – email me and Ill help as much as I can.
Can I get a discount for a 3 month membership?
As mentioned, eHarmony very rarely give discounts for 3 month memberships. You can try one of the expired codes, but I don’t think they will work. Check the prices up top and think about our 12 month discount code, the price is a bit higher but you get the whole year to find your soul mate 🙂
You have no codes, what shall I do?
Email me to find out if I’m expecting a code or go ahead and pay full price, I guess 🙂
Do you offer a free trial
eHarmony do free weekends and SOMETIMES we get a free trial code but these are rare too. If any site says they have a free trial, they are probably lying. Keep an eye above as I will will update that as soon as a free trial is available – or sign up to our newsletter to get an alert.

45 thoughts on “eHarmony Promo Code UK 2018”

  1. Hi

    What is the code to get 3 months for 5.95 a month? I recently saw it, however when went to click on it disappeared and now I can’t seem to find it again 🙁

    Many thanks, Alexia

    1. Hi Alexia,

      The code you are referring too is UKMWX5X5 but it isnt working any longer, eH stopped it! 🙁
      Keep an eye for all the most up to date codes though

  2. that is the code for the ‘eharmony free trail’ is not working/doing anything

    Could you please send me the unique code and how to get it to work


    1. Hi Alex,
      Nope, eH stopped it, but as soon as we hear anything else we will update the post – fingers crossed we can sort it soon!!

  3. Hi. I signed up before realising how expensive eharmony was! Getting smiles but can’t see profiles and I’d like to try before I buy. Any promo codes or free trials would be most appreciated.

    1. Hi Olivia,
      At the moment the free trial isn’t live – so sorry! We are working on getting it back and will update this page and email our subscribers as soon as we do!!!

  4. Hi,
    I’ve tried the using the promotional code LEAPYEAR2016 and the site is saying it’s no longer valid…

    1. hey CJ, thanks for the heads up- looks like eharm just cancelled this code – I’m sorry it isn’t working, Ill take it down now!
      Keep your eyes peeled as I’m hoping to have a new code next week!!! 🙂

      1. Hey Toby,

        So sorry, looks like the code offer changed, still a good deal though??
        Ive just updated the offer and the code 🙂 – good luck dating!!!

    1. Hi Karryn,
      the offer is 14.95 per month for 6 months – I think the rate at the moment for 6 months is 24.95 a month (it changes) – hope it helps

    1. Hey Andrea,
      3 month codes are crazy rare at the minute, the best we can offer is the 6 month code and that really is the best in the market.
      Sign up to our newsletter, I have an exciting offer live soooooon 🙂

    1. Hey Lola,

      Nope, sorry, its still not available, Ill be sending an email once its back up and running so maybe subscribe or keep an eye out here 🙂

      Good luck!!


  5. Thanks for this. eHarmony is quite expensive, so the chance to try before I buy is really helpful. The code worked a treat and two days in, I’m already communicating with a rather dashing fella! 😉

  6. I’ve signed up to the newsletter – how to get my 2 week trial? Also are there any 3 month subscription offers currently available?

    1. Hey Nicola,
      Thanks for the comment.
      I’ve just checked you should have received your unique free trial code?
      All the details of my eHarmony Free Trial offer can be found at that link. Shout if you need anymore help….good luck!

    1. Hey Victoria,
      Thanks for the email.
      Thats very strange.
      Ok, try this code BLUEMONDAY – this will give you the same 6 months @ £14.95.
      If this doesn’t work, then please email me and Ill get it working! 🙂
      Good luck!

    1. Hey Jane,
      I can see you sorted this, to get the free trial you just need to subscribe to my newsletter
      Thanks alot and good luck!

  7. Hi I used the loveme2014 code which does work but it’s not actually a monthly subscription. It takes the 12 month subscription up front and then auto renews at 9.95 monthly thereafter.
    Whilst it’s good value, I think your description is misleading and inaccurate. It would be nice to know exactly what your getting involved with!
    The other advice on your site is very helpful thanks.

    1. Hey Julie,

      Thanks for the note, I really appreciate hearing from users, I’m glad the code worked for you 🙂
      I guess referring to the offer in monthly costs is easier for users as eHarmony bill all of their offers in the same format, if I were to say 1 payment of £xx instead of £9.99 a month, then it might not be as easy to see the value of the code, but again, thanks for your input – its something I will think about.

      The auto renew feature is also something eHarmony do on all of their memberships and something I’ve mentioned on our eHarmony page & our eHarmony FAQ page hope this helps – mayeb I will add a note to this page aswell – thanks for the input.

      So glad you find the site useful – this is the main aim of the site especially as online dating becomes more the norm 🙂

      Good luck with your dating adventure Julie!

    1. Hey Hollie,
      Thanks alot for the comment.
      Which code are you speaking about? They should both be working at the minute and I have had no complaints so far.

      I have just updated the 12 month code that entitles you to 12 months for £9.95, so might be a better option than the 6 month code – hope that helps. Shout if you are still having issues!

  8. I signed up last night and went to pay for a 3 month package tonight using UKMWXZ9X9 but it doesnt work. Can you help?
    Its quoting me £21.00 per month

    1. Hey Nic,
      Thanks a tonne for stopping by.
      hhhmmm, a couple of people have reported this code isn’t working, so apologies for that!
      Don’t pay the full price 🙂 at the very least we have a 12 month code for £9.95 a month, so use that if the 3 month one isn’t working.
      I have just updated the page to feature a new code to get 3 months for 6.95 – see how that goes and please let me know
      good luck!

        1. Hey Anne,

          The 3 month code for 5.95 isn’t live anymore, it has expired. If it is live again, I will add it to the page but that code is very rare and I couldn’t tell you when or if it will become live again.
          Hope that help

  9. Hi, Promotional code UKMWX9X9 Is not working 🙁 so I signed up to the 12 month memebrship at £9.95 per month but now I would like to subscribe to the 7 day cooling off period and un subscribe – its more money that I can commit too unfortunately

    Kind regards

    1. Hey Lorriane. Thanks for stopping by.
      Can I ask when you joined eHarmony/completed the questionnaire?
      If you were previously a member this might be affecting the code.

      As for cancelling, please head over to our FAQ page you will find their phone number, its best to give them a call.
      Please remember to cancel the auto renew if you cant cancel your subscription aswell

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