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eHarmony Free Weekend UK

Everyone loves something for nothing. Here at DatingPriceGuide I’m aiming to give you lovely folk all of the best information I have on the online dating scene, if I can save you a few quid, then grand!
With eHarmony free communication weekends, it isn’t a fact of saving a few quid, you can get pretty much the whole eHarmony experience for free, without entering card details. The only bit you miss out on (for being a cheapskate) is being able to view your matches profile pictures, this is reserved for paying members only. Rest assured though, that doesn’t stop paying members looking at your mug, so make sure your profile is looking good.

When is the next eHarmony free weekend?

The next eHarmony free communication event will be on the 9th February, we know as we have ears everywhere πŸ˜‰
The last free communication weekend was the 25th January 2018, see below for all past dates that the free communication weekends have appeared over the years.

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I already have an eHarmony account, what do I do?

The good news is that you can login and start chatting straight away, no need to go through the eHarmony questionnaire again.

Will I actually be able to speak to anyone during the free weekend?

Absolutely. During the free communication weekend you can speak to any of your matches. You are required to go through the guided communication process with each match first, once both people have gone through this together though you are free to talk to them however you want, if you are 100% sure the person is genuine you can even give our Facebook / email addresses to take it further. We obviously recommend to never do this, just in case!

Before the next free communication weekend I would recommend taking the following action, so you can make the most of it:

  • Fill out your profile as much as you can. You don’t want to be wasting valuable time when the free weekend is live.
  • Log in a few times before the free communication weekend.Β This will allow you to get to know the site so you are comfortable navigating your way around when it matters.
  • Go through the guided communication with as many matches as you can. Other members cant see you whoring yourself about, so make the most of it.

If you decide to take out a membership after the event, check out our eHarmony cost page because we will have the latest offers and discounts displayed there. Don’t take just 1 month either – if you are going for it, then it makes sense to do at least 3 months, the price of 1 month is alot higher than a longer period per month and the discounts usually apply to multiple month memberships.

What are you waiting for? Even if the next free communication event is a long time away, you can take advantage of our 2 week eHarmony free trialΒ and get ready for the next eHarmony free weekend!

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Previous Free Communication Weekends

26th December 2013 – 2nd January 2014
14th February 2014 – 17th February 2014
18th April 2014 – 22nd April 2014
23rd May – 27th May 2014
26th June – 30th June 2014
17th July – 21st July 2014
22nd August – 26th August 2014
3rd October – 6th October 2014
14th November 2014 – 18th November 2014
26th December 2014 – 1st January 2015
3rd April – 7th April 2015
1st May – 4th May 2015
22nd May – 27th May 2015
10th July – 14th July 2015
28th August – 1st September 2015
2nd October – 6th October 2015
13th November – 17th November 2015
26th December 2015 – 1st January 2016
22nd January 2016 – 26th January 2016
12th February 2016 – 16th February 2016
4th March 2016 – 8th March 2016
25th March 2016 – 29th March 2016
27th May 2016 – 31st May 2016
8th July 2016 – 12th July 2016
25th August 2016 – 30th August 2016
30th September 2016 – 4th October 2016
11th November- 15th November 2016
26th December – 1st January 2017
9th February – 14th February 2017
9th March – 14th March 2017
13th – 18th April 2017
28th April – 2nd May 2017
25th May – 30th May 2017
28th July 2017 – 1st August 2017
24th August 2017 – 29th August 2017
28th October 2017 – 1st November 2017
25th November – 28th November 2017
15th December – 31st December 2017
19th January – 23rd January 2018
9th February – 14th February 2018
30th March – 2nd April 2018
25th – 29th May 2018

13 thoughts on “eHarmony Free Weekend UK”

  1. The free communication weekend are rubbish… you can’t see any matches… so you are messaging blindly… waste of time… also they keep telling me to widen my search area!! as there isn’t enough matches…. You need to have ten yrs either side if your own age and willing to travel to other country’s to meet your match!!!.

    1. Hey Floye, thank you for your message, we love getting honest reviews for others to look over.
      I think the free comms weekend is a nice introduction to users that are brand new to online dating, just to get a feel for it, but also agree that a more open functionality would be good, albeit probably not going to happen.
      Good luck with your dating adventure! πŸ™‚

  2. Apperently there was a free communication weekend from 17th of December to 21st of December, I missed it, that means will there still be a free communication weekend from 26th of December

  3. Hi, I noticed the free communication weekend should be going on now, but when I logged in (after a long~ “hiatus”), it doesn’t show up (with “photos” etc.).

    Please advise…thanks!

    1. so sorry for the mix up Sarah, eHarmony changed their minds on Novembers event, it is actually going ahead on the 13th November and the next one is the 26th December – hope that helps πŸ™‚

    1. so sorry for the mix up K, eHarmony changed their minds on Novembers event, it is actually going ahead on the 13th November and the next one is the 26th December – hope that helps πŸ™‚

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