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How does eHarmony work? How many people use eHarmony? What the hell is a personality test and do I need to revise? There is a lot of jargon and questions surrounding eHarmony so I thought I’d highlight a few of the most commonly asked questions and give you the answers all in one page – I hope it helps!

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Common Questions
Can I get an eHarmony free trial?
How do I contact eHarmony?
Does eHarmony have an app?
Why is eHarmony so successful?
How many people use eHarmony in the UK?
Can I retake the eHarmony test?
What's the difference between a closed match and hidden match?
How does eHarmony work?
What are icebreakers?
Why do I receive matches form people just outside my setting?
Why is my match shown as 'moved on'?
What is the eHarmony personality test?
How do I delete my eHarmony profile?
What is eHarmony's success rate?
How do I turn off auto renew?
What is eHarmony 'what if's?
How can I report a person to eHarmony?
What is the DAS Scale?
Are eHarmony profiles public?
When are eharmony Free Communication Weekends

Q: Can I get an eHarmony free trial?

Ah one of the most sort after answers, the free trial. eHarmony is a paid dating website, unfortunately eHarmony do not offer a free trial, as such.
*Update – I have managed to get my lovely users a limited time, unique, 2 week eHarmony free trial code

We have read over the eHarmony terms and conditions and have a way that you can get the eHarmony experience for free!
The basic idea is to sign up & pay for an eHarmony account and cancel BEFORE the 7 day period has expired and you will receive a full refund. You will need to call them on 0800 028 0308 and state that you want a refund and you should get your payment back. Phoning is the best way to ensure you get through to them and all is hunky dory!
TIP – Make sure you have filled your account out in full to make the most of the 7 free days you have!
TIP 2 – Keep an eye on our eHarmony Promo Code page, you might not get a free trial, but you could bag a cheap membership.

Apart from that little work-around you can create your eHarmony profile & take the personality test for free but if you want to see pictures and the ability to contact your matches freely, you will have to fork out the dosh. Check out the current eHarmony Prices for 2016.

eHarmoy do also offer free communication weekends when you are able to use most of the site for free. Use the link above to find out when the next free weekend is scheduled!

Q: How do I contact eHarmony?

Because your query is probably urgent, I would recommend giving them a call on 0800 028 0308 so you can actually get your query sorted. The lines are open Monday to Friday 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM and even on Saturday between 9 AM and 6 PM.

Q: Does eHarmony have an app?

The eHarmony app is available on android, Apple and windows app stores, so all smartphone/tablet users should be able to make the most of mobile love!

The eHarmony app lets you register, take the questionnaire, check for new & communicate with your matches, update your profile form your mobile device, send icebreakers & use guided communication and close and archive matches – you pretty much get the full experience on the move + its free!

Q: Why is eHarmony so successful?

There are a few reasons people have gone on record to discuss why eHarmony has and continues to be so successful.

#1 They eliminate too much choice
Too much choice is a bad thing, it can distract you and send your mind wandering. eHarmony have taken some steps out of the online dating process that other sites include.
With other dating sites, you might be bombarded with information, you need to choose who to contact, who to match with, you have to read hundreds of messages and profiles and struggle to choose who to actually connect with.
With eHarmony a lot of the leg work is taken away. They tell you the best matches to make it easy for you to choose who to connect with, they limit the amount of matches to those specifically chosen and they can do this because of the lengthy questionnaire you need to fill in before joining.

#2 The lengthy questionnaire
This is 2 fold. The basic success of matching people to each other comes from their scientific approach and getting as much info from you as possible via their questionnaire, which is infamous for being in depth.
The next benefit of a long signing up process is that you feel a need to dedicate time and effort to eHarmony because you have put the ground work into creating a strong profile and put the hours into the questionnaire. They have you at a more personal level straight away.

#3 The members
eHarmony, unlike other sites, have turned away a fairly high number of would be users due to the fact that they do not meet their desired audience. This process boosts the amount of people on their site that are most likely to enter into a relationship and marry one day.

For further reading visit Psychologytoday

Q: How many people use eHarmony in the UK?

eHarmony have a reported user base of 2million in the UK

Q: Can I retake the eHarmony test?

You can retake the test, you will need to contact eHarmony and give them the main reason why you want to retake the test. Visit them here to retake the eHamony personality test or questionnaire

Q: What’s the difference between a closed match & hidden match?

Closing a match in eHarmony means you will not be able to communicate with them again.
Hiding a match means you can come back to them at a later date to decide if you want to communicate with them at a later time.

When you Hide a match:

  1. Matches will be taken out of your list of other matches.
  2. Communication is still on the cards if you are interested again sometime in the future
  3. Hidden matches can still get in touch with you
  4. Most importantly, your match will not know you have ‘hidden’ (archived) them

When you Block (closed) a match:

  1. The blocked match will be completely removed from your lists
  2. Communication is off the cards for good
  3. The blocked person cant contact you either
  4. Matches will not see any communication between you both, so will know they have been blocked

Q: How does eHarmony work?

Using your answers taken from their in depth questionnaire that all members need to complete, eHarmony input your data into their ‘matching algorithm’ – their ‘eHarmony Compatibility Matching System’ – which measures and matches your compatibility to their other pool of users.
Once you have been analysed, they send you people whom they think you are most likely to connect with. They analyse vital areas like sense of humour, values & your character.

See also ‘why does it work

Q: What are icebreakers?

Icebreakers are set actions that you can send to potential matches to gauge their interest in you. If you’re not sure about starting a conversation with a match straight away, choose an icebreaker to see if they are feeling you.
The icebreakers are below and have been researched by eHarmony to give the best chance of a response and at the same time getting your personally projected somewhat.

“Your profile brought a smile to my face!”
“Your profile got my attention…let’s chat!”
“You seem interesting. Why don’t you finish your About Me questions?”
“I’d love to chat!”
“Love your smile!”
“It seems we live close to each other, let’s talk!”
“Just wanted to say ‘Hi!’”

Q: Why do I receive matches form people just outside my setting?

In short, its something called Flex match.
Flex match is a feature of eHarmony whereby they will expand their search beyond an aspect which you classed as least important.
This will explain why you sometimes might receive matches outside your strict search settings. To change this, so you receive no flex matches, follow these steps

  • Log into eHarmony
  • find the ‘match settings’ tab, under ‘settings’ and click ‘match preferences’
  • adjust settings to how important each value is to you. If you have some that are low, then make them high to make sure flex matching is disabled
  • make sure to save all the changes

Q: Why is my match shown as ‘moved on’?

When one of your matches is marked as ‘moved on’ – grab your coat and except it. This means that your match has either deleted their profile (more than likely) or blocked you out (uumm No, why would they do that you are awesome!)
So jump back into the dating pool and find another fish!

Q: What is the eHarmony personality test?

Once you have completed the initial questionnaire, you can take the free personality test (worth, apparently £20) that will give you a better understanding of what kind of dater you are and what you re looking for in a potential mate

Q: How do I delete my eHarmony profile?

First off, are you sure? Remember how long that questionnaire took?? If you are now happily married/partnered, then high fives to you!
To get started, first you need to close your eHarmony account.
Login, go to account settings (under settings), navigate to billing and close account or cancel my subscription – done!

If you want to be permanently deleted, you will need to email eHarmony here – – asking to be deleted for good!

Q: What is eHarmony’s success rate?

Apparently eHarmony is ranked number 1 amongst dating sites worldwide for the % of people meeting and getting married! If that is your bag then jump in!
Read some of their success stories to give you a little hope and warm fuzzy feelings inside

Q: How do I turn off auto renew?

This is the biggest note we make to all new subscribers to eHarmony – MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF AUTO RENEW!

eHarmony like to keep this on, so that your contract rolls on and you get billed even if you aren’t using their site any more.

To stop auto renew on eHarmony you need to login to your account and go to account settings. Here you will find the link to ‘cancel my subscription’ DO IT! You will still be able to use eHarmony until your subscription package ends.

Q: What is eHarmony ‘what if’s?

The ‘what if’ feature of eHarmony shows you a selection of people outside your usual match. They are compatible, but just outside of the normal selection you would see. You are free to communicate with them and turn them into matches 🙂

Q: How can I report a person to eHarmony?

Send them an email to

Q:What is the DAS Scale?

The DAS scale is a metric in which professional measure the degree of unhappiness couples are experiencing within a relationship. The basic principle uses the perception
from each partners view, taking into account both partners views, a measurable figure can be calculated to highlight potential problems and where they stem from.

Are eHarmony profiles public

No. Only people that sign up to eHarmony will be able to see your profile and then, the site will serve up matches so searchign by name isnt an option.

Are eHarmony commercials actors

Nope, we have actually spoken to a couple who were featured in an advert ourselves.

What are eHarmony 29 dimensions of compatibility

We really cant say it any better than the folks themselves – check out the eHarmony 29 dimensions of compatibility

When are eHarmony Free Communication Weekends

eHarmony tend to have a free communication weekend every 4-6 weeks (ish) Check our resource if you want to know when the next eHarmony Free Communication Weekend is.

Does eharmony do gay relationships

They do not, but their sister site Compatible Partners is dedicated to gay and lesbian relationships.
Please let us know if you have any other questions we can add to this list! Happy Dating!

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