Disappointment of Online Dating: Honesty is The Best Policy!

Thousands of people each day are becoming disappointed with online dating because what they see, is not always what they get. When it comes to dating sites some people view this as an opportunity to create an alter ego. With the modern day ‘cyber crime’ of catfish where individuals begin relationships under a fictional persona, it’s so easy to be duped.

We all like to show our best side on social media whether it’s uploading a million pics of your holiday or nights out filtered within an inch of their lives! Having an impressive and envious online presence can become a hobby of pure make believe, as you only allow others to see what you want them to see. This can be harmless if it’s just a playful exaggeration of your life, but if you intend to find a potential partner online, then you need to be upfront from the get go.

It can be upsetting when the person you’ve been talking to online for a few weeks or months doesn’t turn out to be anything like they protest they are in their dating profile. Of course it’s only natural to want to put the best version of you out there, but you have to keep it real! Doctoring a photo to try to appeal to what you believe is attractive is the beginning of the end. For example, uploading that pic from your cousin’s wedding in 2003 when you just came back from travelling so had a tan and weighed 3 stone lighter is dishonest. As is referencing the fact that sailing is a past time of yours just because you’ve been on a ferry once in the summer of 1998 with your Nan! If you are serious about finding your soul mate online, then truth serum is your friend!

Make sure you keep your profile updated and fresh. Yes it’s extra admin and will take time out of your day, but you have to be prepared to put in the effort if you want to find love. Most people have a smartphone and it takes mere seconds to take a current selfie these days, so there is no excuse. I assume that if you are interacting with someone you like online then a face-to-face date could be a possibility at some stage. Now imagine the low success rate of this meeting when your date is expecting the person online and not a knock off version of what you promised!

When writing your profile, you will need a little substance and personality to your photos. Mention all the new exciting adventures, memories and stories from the last 6 months max or interesting plans coming up. If you haven’t anything thrilling to show and tell, then make it happen but DO NOT make it up! Get out and forge some fun times that already add to your winning personality. Do not lie and hope that your date will never ask you about that singing contract you once had with Simon Cowell!

Self-promotion in the online dating world is of course about enticing a potential mate by means of visual evidence and a well-written impactful profile. You want an all singing all dancing first impression that will make someone want to enter a conversation with you. However don’t be deluded and get this concept twisted. You don’t have to alter your words or images to an unattainable standard. Once you get caught up in a lie, it can escalate very quickly into a farce that you cannot escape. Just relax and believe that you can pull all of this off by simply being you… and if people don’t like the real you, question whether they’re really worth your time.

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