Dating As An Introvert

I’ve struggled in the past. Being an introvert, especially when it comes to dating is hard. How do you keep up and compete with someone louder, more charismatic, and funnier than you. It took me years to figure the below out, school wasn’t the easiest, everyone secretly craves the attention of their peers and trying to get that as an introvert is hard.
As I made my way through school, university and then essentially ‘growing up’ I have realised introverts and extroverts do not compete, they are apples and oranges. What appeals to one person, will typically turn someone else off.

After taking a long time to accept my role as the introvert, I wanted to highlight some benefits that we introverts bring to the party over our louder mouthed counterparts 

  • Ever hear that listening is a special trait? Introverts typically think before they speak and this means they are astute listeners too. No one likes to be spoken to all the time and so being a good listener is a special skill and can instantly get people to like you and allows you to build deeper relationships.
  • Communication tends to be more thoughtful, genuine and deep. I know from experience, if I’m going on a date, I’m going to want to learn all I can about my date in a bid to get to know them as best I can, this has the foundations of building a lasting relationship.
  • You can bring calmness to situations. Ever think that being an extrovert must be hard? Ive spoken to friends that say it can be and being the partner that provides a calming and laissez faire atmosphere can be a he bonus.
  • You can keep your emotions in check, going back to ‘thinking before talking/acting’. Introverts tend to think about situations and their outcome before acting. Actions can be long lasting and words can hurt for a long time, so knowing and thinking what to say in a heated moment can save feelings getting hurt.
  • If you are an introvert and looking to start online dating, then you should 100% read both our beginners guide to online dating and this article on writing an online dating profile for introverts.

    At the end of the day, embrace what feels right and don’t pretend to be something you are not, this will only cause problems in the future.

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