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Dating Tip - Smokers Breath

Ultimate Kissing Turn Off – Smokers Listen Up

I thought I’d bring a bit of professionalism to all of you out there reading this beautifully crafted blog, so I’ve teamed up with & ASH (2 very worthy organisations tackling smoking) to help highlight the problem of smoking. Being a ranting singleton, I wanted to relate it to Dating and so ‘The Ultimate Kissing Turn Off’ was born.
The survey was conducted by yours truly and it found that 30% of women find ‘ashtray mouth’ the biggest turn off when going in for a kiss BLEUGH!
Can kissing really tell you more about your partner? If the kiss goes terribly, is that a sign of things to come? Well check out this little list of things you can do to sure you avoid the major pitfalls of a bad kiss and give yourself every chance of moving your relationship further than the doorway.

“Light Groping was named as a turn on when being kissed”

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Ugly couple dating picture

You Cant Handle The Ugly Truth of Dating

Looking to jump into dating, or are you already head over heels in love – here are some observations of the dating scene in 2014!

  1. He who appears to care less in the relationship generally has the ball in their court! Nobody wants to be a keen Ken! The key is to be as blasé and nonchalant as you can be to the other person. Oh and as a bonus…play those AWESOME psychological games like ‘I’m not going to text you back for a few hours for no apparent reason at all.’ They’re fun. #bitter
  2. Sometimes people shit on you from a great height and they simply move on and live happily ever after

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dating keyboard

6 Steps To Start Online Dating

1. Choose A Website

Ok so you’ve decided you’re gonna give it a go! It’s time to dip your lonely toe into the pool of cyber flirting and so you need to find a website that works well for you. There are so many out there now that you need to figure out not just what you are looking for, but what best suits you and your lifestyle? Are you into niche interests cough! dogging cough! Continue reading


5 Points – Are You Ready For A Relationship?

Far too many of us jump head first into relationships without even thinking it through. Believe it or not, being single and working out you and your needs is perfectly fine. But of course society tends to dictate that if you don’t have a partner then you’re screwed, destined to live a life of solitude and many many cats. Right now I only want a girlfriend so I can buy 2 for 1 cocktails without looking like a massive alcoholic! Here are 5 things to think of before you decide it’s time to get busy with someone else…
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