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3 Fab Ways To Get You Out Of A Love Rut

As the sun starts to peek ever so slightly out of the sky and brainwash us all into thinking we’re on a Caribbean Island… some of us maybe pondering whether it’s time to drag ourselves out of dating slump! Sunshine and good vibes with a touch of romance is all we’re asking for but of course it’s often easier said than done. If you are ready to throw yourself into a summer of luuurve then start simple and try these 3 straight forward tricks of the trade to get you feeling special and optimistic for your dating future!

One – Jazz yourself up!

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5 Things To Absolutely Avoid After a Breakup

“Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame!” Having you heart exquisitely ripped from your chest by an ex happens to the best of us! Times are hard, life sucks and nothing seems to fast track you out of dumps-ville. The only thing that does help is time. And I am well aware of how annoying it is when people say “you just need to give it time…” because I too have wanted to punch these friends when they have said it to me. The truth is, after you’ve clawed your way to the other side, time was all you ever needed to get over them. However in the meantime as you’re crying into your pillow, you will look for quick fix solutions to your heartbreak. Some things are positive like head to the gym, distract yourself with mates or even get a new haircut, but some things are just a disaster. Avoid at all costs!


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50 Things You Should Never Say Or Do On A First Date

Go on a first date they said. It would be fun they said. Well it can be if you know what will attract and potentially repel first time suitors! Experience has taught me that dating in general, especially online dating, can be super hard. Every rom-com film suggests that two people will fall head over heels and after some calamitous wooing (with the leading man looking suspiciously like Hugh Grant!), you live happily ever after. However the real world dictates that you may have to navigate the minefield of relationships and dating with a little more thought and care before you get your happily ever after. But alas, here are 50 no no’s compiled from a personal back catalogue of first date disasters! If you avoid these then you might be set up nicely for date number two! Continue reading

10 Accidentally Offensive Things Married Couples Say

Most of my friends are either married or in long term relationships, while I’m acting like Peter Pan and blogging about being single! That works for me right now and I’m happy to be floating along with no real plan for my tumbleweed love life. Well, I’m happy until those usually closest to me and usually already with ‘the one’ like to point out how single I am! I often have to remind them that just because I’m alone, doesn’t mean I’m lonely. Our friends love us but no matter how they dress it up or how concerned they may be; their pearls of wisdom generally come across as patronising and condescending. Here are some lovely examples of jarring ‘things’ married couples say to their single buddies…

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5 Online Dating Faux Pas

Well done you’ve decided to make the move into the online dating world! Go team you and all the equally cringe-worthy supportive fist pumps in the air! Ideally you would like the process to be as pain free as possible and just be greeted with a plethora of fine looking suitors with a profile that makes you truly believe online dating was an awesome idea. However some people do get it very wrong and shatter all your hopes and dreams of finding someone who is your kind of ‘normal’. They ruin it by committing these online dating travesties!

One – Asking for sex

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10 Quirky Cute Things To Do On The First Date

There is no getting away from the fact that a first date for both parties is nervous as hell! Once the location is locked down then comes the trauma of what to wear, what do you say, and what if you hate them and can’t fit through the bathroom window to escape?! However if you have a good feeling about this person then here’s what you can do to try and wangle yourself a second date… if you’re brave enough!


At the end of the date give your potential love a pre-written note and ask them not to open it until they get home. Continue reading

“I Love You!”

Our friends over at eHarmony have pulled another one of their data led surveys out of the bag and provided evidence of how long it actually takes the average Briton to say those elusive 3 words….I…Love…You – obviously without the pauses, that would be kind of weird!

The highlights of the survey:
– The lads take an average of 88 days to mutter the phrase
– Females on the other hand take a lengthy 124 days (awkward!)
– 39% of men hastily say ‘I love you’ within the first month
– Only 23% of women do the same
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Foodie Love

15 Reasons NOT to date a Foodie – #FoodieFauxPas

We have seen our fair share of posts telling us why you need to date a certain person – a techie, a lawyer, someone who plays the tambourine in a band and I think I’ve even seen a post about dating a Ferris wheel before!

With that idea firmly in our mind, we wanted to give an alternate view and be as stereotypical as possible to a few of of the most loved groups on the ‘tinternet! Why? Because it sounded fun at the time!

We have created the Top 15 reasons NOT to date a foodie Continue reading

eHarmony vs Match

eHarmony vs Match UK

The online dating world can be fairly daunting place if you have no idea where to start because you have no idea what it is you really want! Well… except to be loved damn it! To weigh up the pros and cons is an age old method when deciding and so to help I have compared two of the biggest online dating sites and created, what will hopefully be a helpful eHarmony vs Match blog post. In order to size up this fight of two heavy weights in the field, I have tried to break it down for you as succinctly as possible so ultimately the decision is up to you… FIGHT! Continue reading