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5 Things To Absolutely Avoid After a Breakup

“Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame!” Having you heart exquisitely ripped from your chest by an ex happens to the best of us! Times are hard, life sucks and nothing seems to fast track you out of dumps-ville. The only thing that does help is time. And I am well aware of how annoying it is when people say “you just need to give it time…” because I too have wanted to punch these friends when they have said it to me. The truth is, after you’ve clawed your way to the other side, time was all you ever needed to get over them. However in the meantime as you’re crying into your pillow, you will look for quick fix solutions to your heartbreak. Some things are positive like head to the gym, distract yourself with mates or even get a new haircut, but some things are just a disaster. Avoid at all costs!


Avoid any slow musical ballads. Continue reading

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50 Things You Should Never Say Or Do On A First Date

Go on a first date they said. It would be fun they said. Well it can be if you know what will attract and potentially repel first time suitors! Experience has taught me that dating in general, especially online dating, can be super hard. Every rom-com film suggests that two people will fall head over heels and after some calamitous wooing (with the leading man looking suspiciously like Hugh Grant!), you live happily ever after. However the real world dictates that you may have to navigate the minefield of relationships and dating with a little more thought and care before you get your happily ever after. But alas, here are 50 no no’s compiled from a personal back catalogue of first date disasters! If you avoid these then you might be set up nicely for date number two! Continue reading

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10 Accidentally Offensive Things Married Couples Say

Most of my friends are either married or in long term relationships, while I’m acting like Peter Pan and blogging about being single! That works for me right now and I’m happy to be floating along with no real plan for my tumbleweed love life. Well, I’m happy until those usually closest to me and usually already with ‘the one’ like to point out how single I am! I often have to remind them that just because I’m alone, doesn’t mean I’m lonely. Our friends love us but no matter how they dress it up or how concerned they may be; their pearls of wisdom generally come across as patronising and condescending. Here are some lovely examples of jarring ‘things’ married couples say to their single buddies…

1 – You will find someone when you stop looking/least expect it. Continue reading

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Why Women Should Take The Lead

With certain couples, why is it that it still appears to be the guys who make the move on the girls? Why is it up to him to ask her out, to pick a date, to chase and if you ever get that far down the line… why is it expectant of the man to get down on one knee? It drives me insane!

Have we been teleported back to the 1950s where the woman was a subservient creature pandering to the whims of their man?! Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Dating A Girl Who Travels Is Awesome

When in search for your perfect mate there are probably a billion little things you ideally want to find in that person. Well how about you stop being so picky and cross them all off your list post haste! The type of girl you need in your life is one who has a mad whimsical desire to be a nomad. You want to find a girl with wanderlust. Trust me. She’ll be totes cool and everything!

1 – She’s a fan of curiosity

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Why Social Media Has Ruined The Art of Dating

The way I see it, there are 2 types of people in the world…

One: Those who stalk the shit out of their object of affection online and two: Those who straight up lie.

Ever since the dawn of the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every other social media phenomenon that sucks away your self-respect and dignity most days of the week, getting to know a potential suitor has become well urmmm weird. With just a click of a mouse or a tap of your overworked arthritic thumbs on a smartphone screen we are able to lock down a person’s vital stats. I am able to find out what their interests are, where they were last night, what food do they like and which hand they prefer to use whilst brushing their teeth. Continue reading


Dattch Dating App: Because Lesbians Like Love Too!

So one thing I found about online dating was that most sites were geared towards straight people with a filter allowing you to select ‘women seeking women’. This was great and all until you realise the supposed women contacting you were men asking for threesomes with their wife! Nice try buddy but your penis makes your request to meet up null and void. Gaydar Girls also seemed to be far too forward and the introductory emails from some girls were essentially invites for a booty call. 10 out of 10 for effort but that really isn’t the way to woo me. So much to my delight the fab new lesbian and bisexual dating app Dattch came about in all its “no no really we’re girls who like girls… and we’re cool… we promise” glory! Continue reading


5 Totally Unhealthy Ways To Get Over An Ex

Each and every one of us deals with a breakup in different ways. It’s not one size fits all… it’s screw you I will handle my shit to the best of my ability… even if my ability is totally unproductive. I spent a lot of my time locked in my bedroom, wallowing in self pity and eating my way through the entire menu of Dominos Pizza. Who cares if it’s a massive textbook faux pas in moving on and may restrict you from reclaiming some self respect you casually lost… when organizing a gospel choir flash mob to win your ex back. If you need to have a spectacular emotional breakdown… then do it! Here are 5 unhealthy ways to never get over your breakup. Enjoy!

Bawl your eyes out.

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