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Dating Tip - Smokers Breath

Ultimate Kissing Turn Off – Smokers Listen Up

I thought I’d bring a bit of professionalism to all of you out there reading this beautifully crafted blog, so I’ve teamed up with & ASH (2 very worthy organisations tackling smoking) to help highlight the problem of smoking. Being a ranting singleton, I wanted to relate it to Dating and so ‘The Ultimate Kissing Turn Off’ was born.
The survey was conducted by yours truly and it found that 30% of women find ‘ashtray mouth’ the biggest turn off when going in for a kiss BLEUGH!
Can kissing really tell you more about your partner? If the kiss goes terribly, is that a sign of things to come? Well check out this little list of things you can do to sure you avoid the major pitfalls of a bad kiss and give yourself every chance of moving your relationship further than the doorway.

“Light Groping was named as a turn on when being kissed”

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Speed Dating History

The History of Speed Dating

If you are new to the dating game, searching for options and things to try, then no doubt you have come across the phenomenon that is Speed Dating. Speed Dating is an ever present part of the UK’s dating scene, so we thought we would do a little digging to find the mad genius who invented this painstakingly brilliant idea….

What is Speed dating?

Basically speed dating is an event where a group of guys/gals get together to experience a short burst of time in each others company. You get to meet a vast array of people in a fairly short space of time, knowing you are both up for meeting a potential partner. Continue reading