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6 Steps To Start Online Dating

1. Choose A Website

Ok so you’ve decided you’re gonna give it a go! It’s time to dip your lonely toe into the pool of cyber flirting and so you need to find a website that works well for you. There are so many out there now that you need to figure out not just what you are looking for, but what best suits you and your lifestyle? Are you into niche interests cough! dogging cough! Then fill yer boots! Are you just a little more superficial and cheap? then global hit Tinder maybe more your scene! Looking for a proper full on relationship?  eHarmony might be your bag! Either way, do your homework and check out the membership benefits and small print before you plug in any of your credit card details.

2. Suck It Up!

Yes you’re online dating… so what! Get over the fact that you’ve decided to take a little control over your dating life and then you can move forward without any unnecessary anxiety. Technology has taken over our lives so use and abuse it! Don’t be ashamed of using the interweb to connect with new people. One friend of mine lied about how she met her now husband claiming they met ‘through mutual friends’. Well no you didn’t… you met online and are now married with a child, so why the weird secrecy?!

3. Pimp That Profile!

This is super important and integral in meeting anyone successfully. Your profile has to be bang on and reflect who you are so you can attract awesome people into your life! Try and be unique whilst staying true to who you are and what you’re about. The mundane is never gonna get you anywhere… you need to think a little out of the box without scaring potential suitors. ALWAYS include a photo! This is paramount in order to get those likes! A profile with no pic sends out an inexplicable creepy message, so stick one up! And not one from 8 years ago when you looked as fresh faced as a fetus! Faking it til you make it is not the way my friend! Keep it real!

4. Await The Matches!

Hopefully after you have sexed up your profile the attention should come rolling in! However don’t just sit back like I did and expect to have beautiful people throw themselves at you. Be proactive and approach others who seem nice and legit on paper. Don’t concentrate all of your effort on one person either. Try casting your net further and enjoy the experience. Everyone online is there to find someone and this means contacting more than once person… they all know the rules! This doesn’t mean you’re an online slut!

5. Actually Go On A Date!

It’s all well and good now that you ‘have a connection’ or have found your soul mate online, but don’t leave it too long without meeting face to face. Talk is good, but if you are serious about making new friends and possible new loves, then you’re gonna have to get off your ass and make that date! It’s totally scary and you will be nervous, but nobody likes regrets. So don’t miss out over fear of having to socialize in real life!

6. Don’t Take Online Dating Seriously!

Yes you may find your kindred spirit and live happily ever after, but you may not also. At all. Soz! Just because you have a profile that says how ‘totes amaze’ you are, does not mean you will find ‘the one’. Keep your options open and see it for what it is. There is no telling who you are falling for from behind the computer screen, so take it easy and don’t become too attached too soon. If you see it as a bit of fun and are fully aware of what you have signed up to, then anything more than harmless flirting will be a bonus!

If you have had a dating disaster or fairy tale – let us know, we’d love to feature you on the site!

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