5 Reasons Why Dating A Girl Who Travels Is Awesome

When in search for your perfect mate there are probably a billion little things you ideally want to find in that person. Well how about you stop being so picky and cross them all off your list post haste! The type of girl you need in your life is one who has a mad whimsical desire to be a nomad. You want to find a girl with wanderlust. Trust me. She’ll be totes cool and everything!

1 – She’s a fan of curiosity

Curious chicks are very open minded and this is a fab thing! They will be open to exploring the random and going on adventures without freaking out. She will like to push the boundaries and work outside of her comfort zone which can work well for you…. especially if you’ve lined up something unusual for your first date!

2 – She’s independent

Yes she has a little Beyoncé independent woman in her and yes you are probably punching! Don’t be one of those idiots who gets intimidated by a strong personality and sense of knowing what they want, but embrace the fact that she’s not too clingy! Feel giddy over the fact that she’s perfectly fine on her own, but she wants the addition of you in her life!

3 – She’s not materialistic

A girl likes her things no doubt. But ‘things’ can take over not just your side of the bathroom, but also interfere with your relationship. A lady who likes to vagabond can often shed the need for home comforts and luxury items without having an emotional breakdown when you suggest camping as a fun weekend away.

4 – She’s a great storyteller

Every story should start with “this one time when bodyboarding down some sand dunes in South Australia…” Bedtime stories will never be a bore when she has endless adventures of wrestling an alligator in Bolivia! Also, having an interesting girlfriend will score high when introducing her to friends and family!

5 – She’s street smart

You learn so much when travelling. It’s an education that cannot be taught in school. If you date a girl who travels you are investing in someone who can navigate awkward situations and think on her feet. You will know she can handle herself so no need to worry your little chivalrous head!

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