3 Reasons Why Being Single Is Hard Work

Staying upbeat and positive when you’re single and everything in your life appears to tell you that there’s something wrong with you… can be tough. It’s easier to accept the fact that the reason for crying into your lonely pillow each night is because you’re hideous and it’s ALL your fault. But instead why not take a step back and realise that the feelings you attribute with being single are totally normal. It’s ok to feel sad or experience that indescribable need to fill a void. These emotions don’t make you immature or hopeless… they just make you human!

Sometimes a little time out from dating works wonders!

Dating can be exhausting. Fact! Of course continue to enrich your life with awesomeness like travel… learning a new language or try a new mash-up version of Pilates and Yoga! But if you feel spent from trawling through online dating profiles or having the same conversations with strangers in a bar… then have a siesta! It’s more than ok to just chill out and give yourself time to get excited about dating again… despite the annoying cries from friends and family of “You just need to get out there!”

Wanting to be in a relationship doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself!

Hey I love myself just fine… but I still would like a partner! Self-compassion is super important and feeling content with who you are in life is a given. We all should keep working at being better versions of ourselves everyday of the week… but you shouldn’t feel like you have to achieve fame and fortune to be entitled to love. And just because you are actively looking for love doesn’t mean your life is unfulfilled.

Actively seeking a relationship doesn’t mean you’re desperate!

As humans it is completely natural to crave a romantic connection. The idea of wanting something so badly is often seen as a red flag and dismissed as a silly notion followed by “you’re just not ready if you want it that bad!” Yes the pungent smell of desperation is not attractive to anyone… but just because you want to be with someone, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a clueless idiot! Knowing what you want in life is a good thing. We’re told everyday to set goals and aspire to something lovely and great… and if that something lovely is a relationship… then why the hell not!

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