3 Types Of Women You Must Never Fall For

Sometimes the reason for your single lifestyle has nothing to do with you as you’re a hoot and it’s everyone else who is clearly crazy. However, sometimes the reason for your single lifestyle is because you’re a dickhead and make bad decisions. To help keep you on the right road of righteous dating good times, here are my top 3 no no types of women when attempting this love thing!

One – The Over Thinker

This is me. So I’m actually saying don’t date me which isn’t the greatest dating profile I’ve put out there. This chick may have her heart in the right place, but she often ruins a good thing by thinking about all the teeny tiny small print that in the grand scheme of things, mean jack shit! Life can be awesome for her right now but give her moment and she will find something totally unrelated to anything in the world… ever… and find a way to break her happily ever after. She stresses far too much and sweats the small stuff all day long because her brain is moronic and her heart is an asshole often working against each other! She could be wifey potential if you pacify her with hugs and alcohol.

Two – The Manipulator

Now this is an obvious one to avoid but we all get caught up in it at times. She’s probably hot as hell and has given you then best orgasm you will never have again… BUT she is as impossible as trying to crack a Sudoku puzzle whilst on LSD! Despite her nonchalant ways and her hot and cold persona which makes you punch inanimate objects, you will do anything for her. When you’re around her she’s so much fun and her vibe is so hypnotising. You want to hate her but even when she is avoiding your texts and missing for a few weeks you still want to be around her. She has the control and it’s wrecking your head but making you fall harder all at once! If you have the stamina and resolute to stick with her games… then work away! However this girl will simply continue to mug you off and you have nobody to blame but yourself!

Three – The Self Obsessed

Sure she’s nice and smiles a lot, but she will only go out of her way to help herself. She may pretend she has your back and is always there for you, but she really isn’t. You will fawn all over her, buying her presents, take her out on amazing dates and basically being the best lover… but when it comes to cultivating your needs, you are an inconvenience to her. You might stick with her because you don’t believe you can or will get anyone better, but I can guarantee in this one sided love affair, it will be you with the self-esteem issues and a pitiful bank balance for all the shit you purchased to buy her love. Ruuuuun!

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