3 Fab Ways To Get You Out Of A Love Rut

As the sun starts to peek ever so slightly out of the sky and brainwash us all into thinking we’re on a Caribbean Island… some of us maybe pondering whether it’s time to drag ourselves out of dating slump! Sunshine and good vibes with a touch of romance is all we’re asking for but of course it’s often easier said than done. If you are ready to throw yourself into a summer of luuurve then start simple and try these 3 straight forward tricks of the trade to get you feeling special and optimistic for your dating future!

One – Jazz yourself up!

This can be anything from getting a new haircut, buying a new outfit or getting that tattoo you’ve been promising yourself for 18 months! You don’t have to go wild but styling yourself on the outside can do wonders for your insides! If you make yourself feel good by experimenting with a new look, or simply getting a spray tan on your translucent skin, will not only attract some positive comments but it will add a little skip to your walk! Also if you look confident you will appear confident (even if you’re faking it!) And confidence is a sexy quality in anyone!

Two – Reconnect with old friends

We all know and appreciate that ‘life’ gets in the way at times and so as we keep battling through the daily grind, our friendships can get stretched and pushed to the back. Sometimes we don’t even notice it as we are inundated with photos and updates on social media of our mate’s events, occasions and family life. However that is all just smoke and mirrors! Give your friends a call and actually organise meeting up in ‘real time’ face to face. Go out for a drink… or 10! Or simply kick back with a cuppa and catch up on each other’s lives. They can also help plan your latest quest to find ‘the one’ because it’s always nice to feel that you’re not alone on this!

Three – Learn something… anything!

Now is the time to feel motivated with all the cool and somewhat impossible ‘crafty things’ you’ve salivated over on Pinterest! Get stuck into a DIY project, as the satisfaction you will feel will inspire you into believing you can pretty much do anything! After you’ve made a set of garden furniture out of pasta shells, knitting needles and jam jars… finding a date will be easy! Or if you’re not creatively minded maybe take up a new course or learn a language to impress potential suitors! Even watch YouTube instructional videos on how to balance a spoon on your nose if you must… because having fun is the key to being happy with love and life in general!

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