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15 Reasons NOT to date a Foodie – #FoodieFauxPas

We have seen our fair share of posts telling us why you need to date a certain person – a techie, a lawyer, someone who plays the tambourine in a band and I think I’ve even seen a post about dating a Ferris wheel before!

With that idea firmly in our mind, we wanted to give an alternate view and be as stereotypical as possible to a few of of the most loved groups on the ‘tinternet! Why? Because it sounded fun at the time!

We have created the Top 15 reasons NOT to date a foodie both from our experience and reaching out to some of the most loved. We want more though, so ‘foodies unite‘ and give us your best reason to avoid you like the plague!


You’ll have to wait until your food is cold before you can eat it, Instagram comes first


Try ordering wine without them – I dare you!


Try ordering food for them – I double dare you!!


Cooking them a meal is always going to be a let down – you both know it!


You will be judged on what you order and you can never order the same thing.


Everything is for sharing! Even if you hate sharing… it’s happening!


Knocking up a quick dinner‘ can extend to hours. Keep a cereal bar easily accessible to maintain energy levels
courtesy of Lizzie (


Never say “I’m popping to the shop, do you want anything” – they will have a recipe list at the ready!


Going out for dinner? Get ready for a running commentary on how your dish ‘should’ be cooked. Now try enjoying your dinner with all the obvious flaws pointed out! – courtesy of Nazneen (


Say goodbye to cheap holidays. All future getaways will be planned around Michelin starred restaurants and gourmet bakeries #fact – courtesy of Gem & Ella (CupcakeCrazyGem)


Don’t expect to be able to cook a meal in peace. Aswell as helpful tips and instructions, you will hear ‘I would have done it that way’ or ‘thats an interesting way of doing that’ until you want to grate your ears off! – courtesy of Lou (


They love to cook, which means they like their kitchen equipment up to scratch, which also means sharp knives….NEVER ARGUE WITH A FOODIE!


So you argued with a foodie. They have mad cooking skillz, so do you really know what you are eating?


Your Sunday mornings WILL revolve around James Martin & Nigel Slater – caught bad mouthing Nigel Slater? Just accept your punishment!


Foodies should also be called ‘drinkies’ (does that work?) taking them out for a drink will include the fanciest (cough – most expensive) cocktail on the menu.

Add your suggestions to the comments below or hit us up on Twitter @Dating_PG using #FoodieFauxPas and we will add any we deem better to our Top 15!

Looking forward to hearing some of your outrageousness!

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