10 Updated And Relevant Wedding Vows

So you’ve finally bagged ‘the one’ and life is just brimming with amazingness and a military styled operation for organising your big day! You may opt for the traditional route when it comes to your wedding vows and recite the “til death do us part… for richer or poorer…” And then you see ‘honour and obey’ and realise hold up! We are no longer living in the 17th century where anyone has to obey his or her spouse. It’s 2015 and everyone should be equal because teamwork makes the dream work! (I just chundered at my own cringe too!) So as an alternative, here are 10 modern vows for those wanting to be a little more creative on their wedding day!

I pledge to you that I will try… really hard to trust your judgement when it comes to map reading and buying the correct brand of washing powder when you go shopping without me.

I promise that I will not roll my eyes and call you a patronising liar when you try to compliment me.

I vow to you that if or when the zombie apocalypse kicks off, I will stand by your side with some sort of stabbing weapon. And when you turn into a zombie I promise to not run for the hills but instead look after you chained up in the garden shed.

I promise that I will love you as much as I love pizza.

I vow that when Netflix asks me to watch another episode of our favourite show, I will have the strength to just say no until we can watch it together.

I pledge that I will remember that neither of us are perfect, and refrain from shouting at you when I’m hungry.

I promise that I will continue to make inappropriate flirty comments even when we’re 80 and wearing incontinence pants.

I vow that I will support you in all of your endeavours, even if I think you’re probably making a huge mistake.

I pledge to you that I will shower you with as much love and affection as I do my cat/dog.

I promise that I will appreciate and honour our differences, even though that weird thing you do when you’re eating winds me up… because it’s our differences that make our journey together that much more interesting!

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