Why Women Should Take The Lead

With certain couples, why is it that it still appears to be the guys who make the move on the girls? Why is it up to him to ask her out, to pick a date, to chase and if you ever get that far down the line… why is it expectant of the man to get down on one knee? It drives me insane!

Have we been teleported back to the 1950s where the woman was a subservient creature pandering to the whims of their man?! Come on ladies! Grab a proton pack, get equipped and level the playing field when it comes to dating men. Being a Disney princess is nice and all… but wouldn’t you love to be Aladdin for change? I mean he did have a cool flying carpet after all! Here is why you should take the reigns and make the first move when it comes to dating a dude!

Everyone loves a woman with confidence. It’s attractive to see a girl who knows what she wants and is willing to go for it. Being bold can be very sexy! Just don’t go too OTT with it, as you will appear arrogant and that’s just upsetting for everyone.

Empower yourself by taking back the control. Pursue your eye candy and it could pay off. Sitting back and expecting him to make all the moves will only wreck your head trying to second guess his motives. Remember positively pursuing someone doesn’t excuse stalking! I do not condone boiling any bunnies.

Trade in vulnerability for strength. The damsel in distress act only can go so far before you just appear pathetic and weak, and this isn’t turning anyone on. By going out and getting what you want and controlling the situation (in a non manipulative way of course!) is going to show him how independent you are and he’ll be less likely to take you for granted.

By having the ball in YOUR court you get to set the rules. Whether it’s a short term thing or something more serious, you’ll be working within your comfort zone and levels of standards. You deserve to have a say and make the first moves without coming off desperate and weird! Plus it’s far too boring sitting around trying to figure out where you stand in any relationship!

It’s often said if you want something in life you should ‘man up’ or ‘grow some balls.’ But I say shoulders back, head up and boobs out! Having a vagina is far more hardcore and resilient, so don’t shy away from getting what you want out of a relationship due to prehistoric ideals of a ‘lady.’

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