Tips for Women Starting Online Dating

In this weeks post we are sharing yet another snippet from our newly released ‘Beginners Guide to Online Dating’ ebook. Below we will hear a short intro from Katy Red who runs a successful blog over at All Sweetness & Life – she will be sharing tips for women who are looking to get inton online dating – perfect timing because eHarmony have their free communication weekend starting today!

Online dating can be a minefield, with so many different sites and apps to choose from and a wealth of information to absorb sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. And, despite an estimated 1 in 4 couples meeting online these days, when you first delve into the virtual world of dating it can be overwhelming. Fear not however, despite it feeling like you are the only newbie online, rest assured you are most definitely not, however there are a few things to remember for all you ladies before you start online dating.

Keep things simple

Remember that your online dating profile is a mini advert of yourself. It’s easy to clog your profile with a stream of adjectives, a list of things you don’t want in a partner or paragraphs about how wonderful your children are (to name but a few no-no’s!)

…be transparent

This rings true for offline dating too, but don’t beat around the bush, if you don’t like someone don’t say anything that might hint that you are interested. A bonus for online dating is that its easy to turn someone away.

Watch out for fake profiles

The online community is an amazing place to meet people but, like any environment where people are able to add their own profiles, there is always going to be the odd shark. Be mindful of people without profile pictures and follow the guidelines detailed at the start of this ebook.

Invest time (but not too much!)

Online dating can be quite addictive and the temptation to spend hours checking out profiles, especially with us women! Whilst it’s important to commit a certain amount of time to browsing, don’t let it consume you – nothing worse than a person who’s ‘online’ all the time!

Ask leading questions

Once you make a connection with a guy, try to be inventive with your messaging. You’re far more likely to get a response from a guy if you add a bit of detail, comment on something in their profile or ‘a bit of banta’ – it shows that you have actually bothered to read their profile (which believe me, a lot of people don’t!)

Don’t Be Too Grateful

Yes, of course, it’s flattering when somebody messages you but a little self-confidence please. Under no circumstances use the words ‘thank you’ anywhere in your profile.

…. for more tips and a great list of the TOP 5 PET PEEVES OF FEMALE DATING PROFILES (from real life men) go and check out our Beginners Guide to Online Dating…..what are you waiting for….

Thanks for reading!!

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