Here is our first weekly review of the only dating scene, hopefully there will be enough news to keep this up every week, so keep your eyes peeled for our round ups.

eHarmony Gets a New CEO

So, the owner, founder and CEO of eHarmony Dr Neil Warren has decided to step down from eHarmony.
This is big news because he has always been the head of the company and essentially directed the whole direction, so it will be interested to see how the new CEO approaches it.
Alot of people will recognise Dr Warren from his appearances in their US adverts, he will be replaced by eHarmony’s VP of Marketing Grant Langston – it will be interesting to see how the business moves forward, especially with its recent view of expanding out of the dating niche.

eHarmony Love Captured Returns

eHarmony successful launched a competition called ‘Love Captured‘ last year. I personally saw it everywhere in the press so I guess they have decided to run with it again.
Like last year, all you need to do is submit an image of what you think love means and you could win £1000.
The competition is backed by a number of other companies and also benefits some great charities, so if you have a lovely photo of your kids having a cuddle or your pet dog dry humping a leg, why not submit it and see if you win.

Guardian Soulmates

High fives all round, we featured in the Guardian Soulmates blog recently, talking about different ways you can get your crush to notice you (besides shouting in their face that you love them)
Go take a look and drop a comment if you like it, we’d really appreciate it.

Interested in Guardian Soulmates? You can read about them over on their site or on our Guardian Soulmates page right here

Thats it for this week. The weather has told me that it will be a sunny weekend, so go and enjoy it.
I’m thinking ice creams and forest walks are in order this weekend!


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