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Muddy Matches Cost of Membership 2018

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Live Muddy Matches Promo Codes launched in March 2007 after a group of friends were discussing how online dating websites were evolving. The friends came to the conclusion that most people on dating sites were more ‘townie’ than ‘muddy’ and even if they did lean toward the muddy side, there was no way to find out at a first glance – you had to go to the effort of contacting them which could turn out to be a major waste of time if they turned out to be a city slicker.

Whilst there were a handful of country folk-targeted dating sites available, they weren’t up to the standards of Emma and Lucy, who became the creative minds behind MuddyMatches less than a year later.

You don’t have to be a tractor-driving sheep-rearing stereotypical farmer to join MuddyMatches. The owners understand that almost no one is 100% country or cosmopolitan and therefore the site is made up of people with all sorts of muddy-to-townie ratios. Whether you live in the city and like to holiday in the country or live on a farm and make the occasional trip into the town, there’s a place for you at Everyone puts their muddy-to-townie ratio status up on their profile, so you can see if they’re a right match for you. You can even carry out searches according to this ratio, so there’s no way you won’t come across like-minded potential dates.

Below you’ll find some useful bits and bobs about how much a Muddy Matches membership will cost, a general overview of the site and any current Muddy Matches discount codes & current savings available – every little helps, even when it comes to dating!

How Much Does it Cost to Join Muddy Matches

Here I’ve outlined the price of a Muddy Matches subscription, there are two different paid membership options to choose from:

Muddy Matches Standard Membership

Monthly Cost Contract Length Potential Savings (compared to £22 monthly payments) Total One Off Price
£7.33 12 months £ £88
£11 6 months £ £66
£14.67 3 months £ £44
£22 1 month £0 £22


Muddy Matches Premium Membership

Monthly Cost Contract Length Potential Savings (compared to £30.80 monthly payments) Total One Off Price
£10.27 12 months £ £123.20
£15.40 6 months £ £92.40
£20.53 3 months £ £61.60
£30.80 1 month £0 £30.80

When it comes to value for money, you’re best off purchasing the 12 month package and plan for the long haul, which Im guessing you are if you are investigating these niche online dating sites.

If you have a change of heart during a membership upgrade, simply click on the ‘Home’ button at any time during the Muddy Matches subscription process to continue using the site for free.

£10 Cash When you Join Muddy Matches

Compare Muddy Matches Standard Vs Premium Membership Plans

Ive outlined a quick preview to help you compare both paid membership plans

Membership Feature muddy matches standard muddy matches premium
Carry out unlimited searches on the site YES YES
Add to and edit the profile YES YES
Upload a photo YES YES
See who has visited your profile YES YES
Select favourites YES YES
See who has added you to their favourites YES YES
See who has sent you a message YES YES
Send messages to other members YES YES
Read messages sent to you YES YES
Guarantee that everyone you message will be able to read it (paid or unpaid members) NO YES

What Do You Get from Muddy Matches For Free?

Just by completing the short Muddy Matches form (even if you can’t be bothered to fill out your profile) you’ll get to:

  • Carry out unlimited searches on the site
  • Add to and edit your profile
  • Upload a photo
  • See who’s visited your profile
  • Select your favourites
  • See who’s added you to their favourites
  • See who’s sent you a message

Sounds good, doesn’t it? The only catch is that if you see someone you like the look of and want to send them a message, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid subscription for the privilege. It’s a bit of a ‘look but don’t touch’ scenario.

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Joining Muddy matches & Using a Muddy Matches Promotional Code

If you’ve decided to jump in, you can join Muddy Matches for free by clicking on the ‘Join Muddy Matches for FREE’ tab on the top of the website. The straightforward form will take you less than two minutes to fill out and you should receive the verification email within milliseconds.

Muddy Matches Sign Up Page
Of course, this is only the start of the signup process. After filling out the short registration form and verifying your email address, you’ll have to complete your Muddy Matches profile. A quick glance at the questionnaire reveals no less than 12 different sections you’ll need to fill out in order to fully complete your profile, a daunting task to say the least.
If you’re in a hurry, you can fly through the questionnaire and only fill out the general info, location, what are you here for and introductory sections (this one requires a bit of creativity and must be at least 200 characters long). But if you’re really serious about meeting someone, you’re going to want to fill out the other eight sections, too.
The sports and activities and other interests sections of the questionnaire are made up of tick boxes, so they should only take a couple of minutes to fill in. You’ve got up to 150 characters to list your dislikes (better be to the point!), and a mixture of drop-down menus, tick boxes and 400-character mini essay boxes for background, lifestyle, education, employment and appearance. When you’re finished, click on the ‘send for approval’ button on the bottom right.

Muddy Matches Cost

Live Muddy Matches Promo Codes 2016

If I don’t have a live Muddy Matches promo code to share with you, then use the below link and follow the T&Cs to claim £10 free cashback.

*EXCLUSIVE OFFER* Join Muddy Matches & receive £10 Cashback. 

Join Muddy Matches & Receive £10 Cash
Please read the T&C's


Tips & Money Saving Tricks

  • If you go about it the right way, you can get away with paying only one month’s Muddy Matches membership. Since you can do as many searches as you like on the website with a free account, you can find all the people you’re interesting in meeting without paying a penny. When you know who you want to contact, sign up for one month’s membership then send messages to everyone you’re interested in. If you can squeeze a few dates in within one month, you’ll be able to cancel your subscription, having found some new potential matches, after only paying for one month’s membership.

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