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Buying anything online nowadays goes hand in hand with finding a discount and online dating is no different! If you‘re thinking of signing up then finding a Lovestruck promo code is as easy as checking below. Lovestruck do tend to go quiet on the voucher code front during periods, but don’t fear, even if they haven’t provided a promo code you can still get a bonus £10 off your membership through DatingPriceGuide – as a nice little gift from me!

I’ve gathered together and listed all the current discounts for Lovestruck below. I have also listed any expired codes that might have been live so give them a go as they might still work for you. Risk it for a chocolate biscuit!

If you want to know how much Lovestruck costs then I have produced a resource to help you plan your costs a bit more effectively.

*Exclusive* 10% Off Lovestruck Membership
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Expired Lovestruck Promo Code

See below for any expired Lovestruck promo codes, simply click the link to activate the code.
NOTE – The discounts might not work.

15% off all Lovestruck memberships
Click to use code FEB15
Lovestruck 6 Month promo code - £11.95 per month
Click to use code 6MONTHSLOVESTRUCK
Lovestruck Free 3 day Trial
Click to use code FREELOVE

How to use a Lovestruck Discount Code

Our Lovestruck page will feature one of two offers. We will either highlight our £10 free cash offer or a straight forward Lovestruck Promo code. I’ve outlined below a quick walk through of how you claim each discount to help you out.

#1 How To Claim my £10 Cashabck

If you want to claim £10 cash free when joining Lovestruck, simply use one of the links above (or use this link) and then fill out your Lovestruck profile.

Once finished, pick your Lovestruck membership package and email me ( with your name & your Lovestruck receipt. I#ll need t verify your purchase, once that’s done (3-5 days) Ill reply and send you your cash money – high fives all round!

If you want more info, here are the full details of the £10 Lovestruck offer.

#2 How to Use Lovestruck Promo Code

Claiming your Lovestruck discount is easy!
Step 1 – highlight the code and click the offer to be directed to the Lovestruck site.
Step 2 – fill in your profile and find the payment page
Step 3 – enter your promo code that you copied and viola, your price will fall faster than your single status now you are signed up!
* If, by any chance, a code that we are promoting doesn’t work, then let me know via email, I want to keep this site as reliable as possible!
Step 4 – Spread the word about DatingPriceGuide to all your single or unhappy friends!

8 thoughts on “Lovestruck Promo Code”

    1. Hi Edurne

      Thanks for the heads up, Lovestruck did end the code but Ive added an EGG50 code that ends soon, so hopefully this will help you out before it ends!

      Thanks again for dropping by

    1. Hi Joy,

      Thank you for the heads up, I have just added an Easter code that is due to end soon, so hopefully this will help out.
      Lovestruck like to end codes without telling me, so again, thank you for the heads up!

      Good luck!

  1. Hi there,

    Am trying to use the 3 days free trial on lovestruck but it isnt giving me an option to do so? I cant see the code?

    Thanks for your help

    with warm wishes


    1. Hey Danica,

      Thanks for dropping by.
      The link should lead straight through to a custom page that displays a free 3 day trial for Lovestruck…..don’t worry, alot of people miss it.
      If it isn’t working, then drop me an email and Ill see if I can help!


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