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With the end of 2016 slowly creeping towards us, this means the expected onslaught of people looking to kick off the new year with a new relationship is drawing ever closer. Everyone involved in online dating knows that a common new years resolution to is finally do something about being single and this means looking to join an online dating site or to kick up your efforts to a new level if you already have a profile.

With that in mind I wanted to introduce you lovely folk to dating expert, Laura Gub in the hope that her advice will help if you are looking to start or try a new approach to online dating.

Laura runs, she specialises in helping you set up or spruce up your dating profile, helping you produce the perfect profile pic, write a profile that actually works and help with general advice for people who are giving online dating a go.
I had the chance to have a chat with Laura and have included the questions below to help you get to know her a bit more, I hope you enjoy!

laura gub dating expert

Hi Laura, great to finally chat to you, I guess to kick things off, Id love you to intro yourself to my readers a bit, lets hear a bit about your background, who you are & how did you get started??
Of course, well I’m a former model, I did photo modelling for 7 years. I have also worked in business management and have a passion for writing, essays, short stories and more recently dating blogs. An incurable romantic, after a bad break up, I thought I had lost the love of my life and found myself diving head first into online dating. Very soon I realized how lost most people are when it comes to making an impact with their dating profile and so I thought I would see if I could help.

And can I ask if you are still single or are you currently dating?
I have dated on and off for about 6 years, until last year, when I rekindled my relationship with my ex husband. Nothing short of a miracle.

Ah that’s great news, Im really happy for you both! So, with your service, how does a typical session/package work? Do you meet face to face or do you deal with your clients solely online?
The typical package is all online, if it’s only profile writing and editing of existing photos. I do, however offer dating photo sessions as well. We meet, do the photo shoot and then sit down and go over the profile. Once we organize the info, I take it with me and write the profile within a couple of days, as well as edit the photos from the shoot.

Lets get into some actionable advice, what is the most common mistake you see for men in pictures and profiles?
Where should I begin? What we most commonly see are bad quality photos, crops of larger photos, with other people’s limbs in the picture, photos holding pints of beer, silly group photos, photos in sunglasses, bathroom selfies, shirtless photos. In terms of their profile, men are very much either people pleasers, “easy going” being one of the most often used characteristic, or extremely picky, making a long list of specifics when it comes to what they are looking for.

Wow, brutal, are women just as bad??
Women are famous for putting up old photos of themselves, from 10 years ago, possibly when they were 10 pounds lighter, sometimes they pose with girlfriends who might be better looking, and sometimes they use party photos as well, or silly accessories, like devil horns, etc. In their profiles they often carry a hurt that transpires in their words and makes them unattractive. Some are famous for their ‘shopping’ lists, as well.

Ha, so it sounds like you don’t struggle to pick out improvements. You must have seen some hilarious profiles in your time. What is the worst profile you have seen? Actually scrap that, lets start with the best profile you have seen…
So the best profile to this day was of a guy, who combined his kind, quirky and family loving traits into such an attractive bundle, that according to him, he had about 300 dates in 2 years. I could see why.

And the worst, so we can all feel better about ourselves…
The worst profile I have seen? Too many to mention. All profiles that have one blurry snap for a photo and a few lazy sentences written in their profile or none at all.

Do you offer advice for actual dates or purely online presence only?
Yes, I offer dating tips and advice, through my blog and also specific ones upon request from clients.

Ok great to know. And before you leave, do you have 1 tip or piece of advice for those struggling to get a date or just generally noticed online??
It sounds obvious, but photos really are crucial, show your eyes and when it comes to your profile, combine confident with being humble.
Thanks so much for dropping by Laura, really great speaking to you!

Don’t forget to check out Lauras blog for more tips and lastly if you are interested, you can save 15% off a dating profile photo shoot by using code WOW15* over on – thanks again Laura!
*offer is available until 14th Feb 2017

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