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Illicit Encounters claims to be the UK’s largest and longest running online dating website for married people. The site has garnered such incredible success by specialising in creating a no-pressure, non-judgemental environment for like-minded attached people looking for a bit of fun on the side, so if you are considering joining this site, I have given you the lowdown on everything you need to know before signing up, including a number of legit Illicit Encounters Reviews.

One of the statistics the site is most proud about is its male-to-female ratio. It’s almost equal, which ensures that you’re neither going to be bombarded with unwanted futile messages nor seriously outnumbered when it comes to finding a partner. As you’d expect, member safety and anonymity are high priorities here, which is why Illicit Encounters offers a handful of useful features, such as password-protected photos, to decrease the odds of you getting found out.

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Illicit Encounters Number of Users


Let’s start off by looking at the facts. Illicit Encounters states that more than 920,500 genuine people use the site in the UK. Now, I can’t prove it’s 100% true (no one fancied volunteering for the job of manually counting each and every profile) but this statistic is reported enough online to rely on it. The sign-up ratio of males to females is 55:45, which means it’s slightly easier for women to find men than it is for men to find women.

The average Illicit Encounters member is usually someone who ranks highly professionally – i.e. works in a management or executive role – and is aged between 36 and 40 years old. Saying this, Illicit Encounters lets you search for anyone aged between 20 and 99, so there are plenty of users younger and older than the average age bracket.

Our Verdict: It’s a great place to meet like-minded professional individuals coming up to middle-age looking for no-strings-attached fun.

Quality of Illicit Encounters Matches


How happy you’ll be with your matches will probably come down to whether you’re a man or woman. Women usually get a lot more attention than men do on Illicit Encounters, which probably has something to do with the fact that after having forked out £140 for one month’s membership, many men are pretty desperate to get their money’s worth and cram in as many dates as possible. Since women don’t have to pay to join, they’re happier to take things easy and aren’t in as much of a rush.

Although Illicit Encounter is one of the most expensive online dating websites out there, the high sign-up price does mean that fake and spam account are kept to an absolute minimum and that the men on the site are genuinely interested in forming relationships of sorts.

The quality of your matches will also depend on what you’re looking for in an Illicit Encounters relationship. From what I’ve heard, many women on the site are purely interested in an erotic pen pal-type relationship. If you’re a man and want a fully-fledged affair, you might find that you have to wade through a fair few women who just want to send and receive the odd naughty email or text and nothing as serious as what you’re looking for. On the other hand, if you’re a women interested in some serious fun, you should have your pick of the bunch as most of the men on the site are interested in hot and steamy meet-ups.

Our Verdict: As well as being able to search for matches yourself, Illicit Encounters will also email you once a day with Matchfinder results determined by the info you provided when you set up an account. So as long as you’re honest in the questionnaire about who you are and the type of relationship you want, you should get perfect matches. If not, you always have the option of searching them out yourself.

Illicit Encounters Cost


Illicit Encounters is one of the most expensive online dating sites out there. Well, it is for men – women have full access to the site completely free of charge. If you want to find out how much it costs to join and what you get for your money, check out this in-depth Illicit Encounters cost page.

The owners of Illicit Encounters claim that their fees are so astronomically high in order to remain as exclusive as possible and deter fake members or those who aren’t fully committed – sounds a bit hypocritical, but there you have it. They also claim that lowering the sign-up cost would add more men into the mix, throwing out the fairly balanced 55:45 men-to-women ratio the site currently has.

Illicit Encounters Discount codes do crop up from time to time and can save you a bomb, so make sure you sign up to the newsletter so you’ll be notified when a new code is up for grabs.

Our Verdict: Illicit Encounters is free for women and costs £139.99, £169.99 or £499.99 for men for a one month subscription. Since this dating site values privacy so highly, it might be money well spent – this verdict is really up to you.

Customer Service


If you have a question that needs answering, the first place you should go is the ‘Help’ section. This part of the site features a handy drop-down menu with loads of FAQs, ranging from ones related to prices and codes of conduct to dating safety advice and how to cover your tracks. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, click on the ‘Support’ tab where you’ll find a form you can fill in with your question. Alternatively, you can write directly to the main office, send the support team an email, or if you need your question answering asap, get on the phone and give them a call on 020 7953 7165.

Our Verdict: Because their customers are paying very good money to be there, the Illicit Encounters customer service is top notch and the people seem genuinely keen to help – they’re not simply there get more money out of you. The emails you receive seem to be from areal person aswell and reaching out to them does result in a quick reply.

Really like the website. It has been a great experience for me, and as a result has actually improved my marriage. I have met 4 people from the site so far, and have had fun with all of them, even though I was only attracted to two of them. I like this site as, as a woman, I feel confident that the males are genuine and there are no fake profiles. Thanks for a great site.

I wrote my profile one night and by the next night, had received so many wonderful responses. However, one stood out and we met the very next day. I’m now at the start of the most thrilling, romantic affair with the most amazing gentleman. I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been. I have found exactly what I was looking for and more besides.

I did indeed meet my perfect partner. It lasted around 6 months and we had an extremely passionate relationship. Unfortunately it was 20 years too late for us both, but our brief time together taught us both the real meaning of true love and what great sex is!

Not yet met anybody yet but it is a truly outstanding site to meet genuine and like minded women. The ratio of true to fake profiles is really high. I suspect fake profiles from women are very unlikely on here and fake profiles from men have next to zero likelihood since they have to pay to participate. Overall, an excellent site.

It’s a good site which helps you find people. Can’t say I have my perfect match but lots of people here to get to know……also a few odd ones. Don’t expect as a man to have women banging on your door for sex it just doesn’t work that way. Get a good pic of yourself and be honest in your profile and you’ll get on fine. Rather costly to join, but it does work.

After being in controlling loveless and sexless relationship for 7 years I decided it was time to find someone to fill the void. I loved my partner dearer so did not want to leave him plus we have a daughter together. An illicit affair seemed the perfect solution. I needed to feel respected, desired and in some kind of control and an affair gave me that.

4 thoughts on “Illicit Encounters Review”

  1. It’s a good site which helps you find people with a similar interest. I can’t say I have my perfect match but lots of people here to get to know and speak to in the meantime……also there are a few odd ones. Don’t expect as a man to have women banging on your door for sex it just doesn’t work that way. Get a good pic of yourself and be honest in your profile and you’ll get on fine. Rather costly to join (if you are a man) but it does work.

  2. I agree with Helen P. they make totally false claims on how many ‘active’ members there are. 99% are dormant accounts. that’s why you NEVER get a reply from them. as said only around 800 members ever only line. was on for NINE WEEKS. result NOTHING! despite sending out 500+ messages and getting 200 plus back. soon as you say lets meet for a drink after exchanging some messages, they DISAPPEAR. NEVER heard from again. despite them still being online regular. yet I was never rude. you may have well been talking to some pratt sitting behind a computer screen controlling several accounts! and WHY do girls ALWAYS get FREE membership!

  3. As a man on IE, I can tell you that the quality of women on the site is better than most. Sure, it’s hard to find a suitable match in a month, but it’s not a quickie for me, more a long term affair and that takes time to find, hence it costs. Again, quality of women is much better on IE and all seem to want a long term affair. If it ends after a short while, c’est la vie, and carry on looking!

  4. The ratio of men to women is nowhere like 1:1, more like 12:1, 12 women to every man.
    The 800,000 membership is very misleading, I’ve never seen more than 700 members logged on at any one time (and that’s an optimistic number), I think a lot of people who join and then leave, never fully deactivate their membership (it’s a bit of a hassle to do it) so I have a sneaky feeling there are nothing like 800,000 active members, maybe 7-8,000!
    Because it’s so expensive for the man, they’ll join with high expectations of finding someone in a short space of time (because of the expensive membership, they’ll join for 30 days), but it’s my experience having been contacted by a lot of men over the years I’ve ‘dabbled’ on the site is that it’s quite difficult to meet someone suitable in a month….

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