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Launched in 2004, Guardian Soulmates is a niche online dating site run by the Guardian newspaper. Twenty or so years ago, lonely hearts ads littered the columns toward the back of newspapers, so it’s not surprising that the Guardian took the initiative and look the leap from personal ads to an online dating site.
As you’d expect, the majority of the users on the site are Guardian readers. What type of person is your typical Guardian reader? Think affluent, well-travelled, liberal, witty, creative, left-leaning and educated – or that’s what the media leads us to believe, anyway. If this sounds like the type of person you’re looking for, Guardian Soulmates might just be the perfect online dating site for you.
Below I’ve put together this helpful review to cover everything and anything you need to know before you join the site, so you can decide if it’s right for you or if your efforts would be better spend elsewhere.

Guardian Soulmates Number of Users

How Many Users Does Guardian Soulmates Have?

Guardian Soulmates has around 200,000 active members – that’s significantly less than some of the UK’s leading dating sites, such as eHarmony which claims to have millions of users. The gender ratio is split into a pretty even 51% male to 49% female, which means your chances of finding love if you’re searching for a bloke are slightly better, but there’s really nothing in it. User ages fall between 18 and 85, but you’ll find most users aged somewhere between 30 and 55.
Verdict: A small pool of users compared to the big guns of online dating, but that’s what you expect from a niche dating website with a specific type of user. This can be seen as a positive because the users on Guardian Soulmates are of a specific type already.

Quality of Guardian Soulmates Matches

Although it’s less sophisticated than some of the other online dating sites, Guardian Soulmates’ matching feature is pretty spot on, I put this down to the people that are encouraged to join the site, it automatically ‘weeds’ out people you wouldn’t want to date. Like all other sites, you can limit matches by hair colour/eye colour/build or within a certain mile radius to meet someone, Guardian Soulmates can help you find potential matches who tick all the boxes.

Verdict: Unfortunately, on sign up Guardian Soulmates do let a few spam messages through the filters, so be wary of the messages you receive in the first week or so after you create your account. A handy tip I like to use is to fill out your profile but not include a description or photo. Serious people looking for relationships won’t contact someone without a description or a photo, so any messages I get whilst my profile is like this, I usually write off. After a week, I include a description and a photo and almost all the messages I receive after this are 100% genuine.

Guardian Soulmates Cost

Guardian Soulmates is free to join, but as a free member your access to the site’s features is very restricted. If you want to contact other members or read any messages, you’ll need to sign up for a paid subscription. Guardian Soulmates is in the middle of the road when it comes to subscription costs. It’s not as expensive as some of the popular international sites, but it’s not a cheap and cheerful option by any accounts.

How Much is Guardian Soulmates a Month?

Month Cost Contract
Potential Savings (compared to 1 month cost) Total Cost
£32 1 month £0 £32
£21.33 3 months £32 £64
£16 6 months £96 £96

Verdict: Guardian Soulmates’ three-month subscription offers a good mix of value, contract length and overall cost, making it my favourite.

Customer Service

If you’ve got a question about how Guardian Soulmates works or you’ve got a problem with your account, the first place you need to visit is the ‘Help’ section of the site. If the help section proves to be less than helpful, scroll down to the bottom of the page and contact the customer services team by filling out the contact form.
Guardian Soulmates’ customer service team isn’t just there to help you out with technical questions about the site and your account – they’re also available to give you tips and advice when it comes to online dating.

Verdict: Points knocked off for not having a customer services phone number for users to call, but the troubleshooting help page and the dating advice make up for it.

Other Points

Guardian Soulmates Mobile App

Although Guardian Soulmates doesn’t have a mobile app (which I’m told will be available by the end of 2015) their site is mobile-friendly, so you can use it on a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

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