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eHarmony is one of the biggest online dating sites in the UK, personally I liked the breadth of characters that were on the site, it helped me look past my usual ‘type’ and helped me experience some good (and bad) and unique dates.

The site was actually founded in USA in 2000, so its grown massively and is now a global dating platform  and has gone on to become a world leader in the dating space.
eHarmony has a reported database of over 2 million users in the UK which is a great advert for them, and like I said is great for meeting an array of people but access to the site is going to cost you as eHarmony is not a free dating site.
Before looking at the price, you can find my best eHarmony Discounts to help save you some cash money, when joining the site.

Below we have outlined the cost to join eHarmony, along with a short review (read more real eHarmony reviews here) and any available discount codes for joining eHarmony to help make your dating experience as affordable as possible! -> ppfftt who said ‘my love don’t cost a thing!’

How Much Does it Cost to Join eHarmony?

Here is a quick reference to the cost of eHarmony and the different membership packages they provide.

NOTE: eHarmony releases different pricing at different times of the year so you might find that the 3 month or 24 month packages aren’t available at certain points in the year – the costs change too, so they may vary between accounts.

eHarmony Basic Membership Costs

Price Per Month Duration Savings Total Cost
£13.95 24 months £744 £334.80
£21.95 12 months £276 £263.40
£32.95 6 months £72 £197.70
£40.95 3 months £12 £122.85
£44.95 1 month £0 £44.95

*saving are compared to £44.95 monthly payments

eHarmony Total Connect Membership Costs

Price Per Month Duration Savings Total Cost
£17.95 24 months £648 £430.80
£22.95 12 months £264 £275.4
£34.95 6 months £60 £209.70
£41.95 3 months £9 £125.85
£44.95 1 month £0 £44.95

*Note you can choose between paying in 1 or 3 payments split evenly across your membership for both the 12 month and the 24 months.
The 1 month, 3 month & 6 month eHarmony memberships must be paid in full as a one off payment.

Join eHarmony for £9.99

Once you have signed up to a membership package, eHarmony will ‘helpfully’ automatically renew your membership 24 hours before it is due to expire – for this reason, we recommend you deselect the auto renew option.
Note – by deselecting auto renew, you will be required to pay the normal rates which new members must pay, although every time we have checked this, the prices are the same anyway – clever marketing ploy!

Compare eHarmony Basic Vs Total Connect Membership Plans

Here is a quick breakdown comparing the benefits you will get, whether you opt to pay for eHarmony Basic or eHarmony Total Connect plans:

Membership Feature EHarmony Basic EHarmony Total Connect
Send/Receive Communication requests YES YES
See when your matches last logged in YES YES
See who has viewed your profile YES YES
Request photos from your matches YES YES
View matching profile photos YES YES
Get a deeper analysis of your personality with ‘premium personality profiles’ NO YES
Call your matches and keep your number secure with EHarmony ‘Secure Call’ NO YES

What Do You Get from eHarmony For Free?

By simply signing up to eHarmony, before even paying a penny you get the following benefits:

  • You get to answer their relationship questionnaire
  • You can see potential profile matches (minus the profile picture – booo!)
  • You can send ‘smiles’ and/or ‘icebreakers’ (predefined questions) to show your interest to your matches
  • You get a personality profile that analyses your questions to give you an insight into your dating personality

* free trial – eHarmony offer a 7 Day risk free trial. Claim your money back if you are not happy with your first 7 days of subscription

I have recently been in talks with eHarmony and for a limited period I can offer my users an exclusive eHarmony free trial code for a 2 week period.

eHarmony Free Trial

Is there an eHarmony Free Trial?

One of the most common questions I get asked is “can I get an eHarmony free trial?” I hated telling people No all the time, so I wanted to put some work in and see if I could provide something lovely for the folks who visit my humble little site.

Update: The Free Trial mentioned below stopped working on the 30th March 2016 and will not work – please add your email address to my mailing list and hit the green button to be alerted when the code is live again, which we expect to be soon.

How to Activate the Free Trial

Once the trial is live again, follow the below steps to activate your trial – please note this will only work for new customers. If you have previously used eHarmony, you will need to open a new account, with a new email address.
Step 1
Sign Up to eHarmony by clicking this link and signing up
Step 2
Complete your profile as much as you can and answer the questionnaire to make sure you get the most from your free trial. This will only work once per account.
Step 3
Click the link in the below box to activate the free trial and copy the code into the payment page to start.

Code – ehuktrial

Help! My eHarmony Free Trial Isn’t Working?

Ok, so if you have signed up to eHarmony using the above instruction and you are not seeing your free trial, please send me an email. Once you have done that, check your inbox, I will send you a unique code with instructions.

Joining eHarmony & Using an eHarmony Promotional Code

So you have decided to take the plunge and join eHarmony – good for you, no one ever got anywhere in life by doing nothing. Like we always say here, you get out of Online Dating exactly what you put into it – its important to have the right frame of mind aswell.
So after clicking the ‘create an account’ button you will be taken through a host of questions, I timed myself and it took me 17 minutes and 32 seconds – precise huh!? The screen will look something like this…

eHarmony Cost - sign up

Followed by questions popping up on the same screen – they have obviously thought about the user interfaced as its quite beautiful and the questions are laid out in an uninstructive manner.
Once completed, you will hit the PAYMENT page – now if you don’t want to pay now, your only option is to go back to and login again, this will take you to your new personal profile page and you can always pay later!


If we have been kind enough to find you a promotional code, you will want to enter it at the payment page, as highlighted above.
If you fancy taking out a single month plan (although eHarmony do advise against it, as love takes at least 3 months) then you will need to click the ever visible ‘full priced option’ link, also highlighted above! Payment is fairly quick and easy, I used paypal and the wonder of the 21st century is that it took me 2 minutes and I didn’t need to fumble around trying to find my security code which had been rubbed off my 5 year old bank card!!

Live eHarmony Promo Codes 2016

See below for a great 12 month eHarmony  voucher code I have for you lovely folk and remember to sign up to my newsletter for exclusive eHarmony offers and discounts

*BEST eHarmony OFFER* £9.95 for 6 Months eHarmony
Click the link below to activate your eHarmony promo code & receive your discount
Ends Soon

Code - SUMMER2016
*STRONG OFFER* £9.95 for 12 months at eHarmony
Click the link to activate your discounted eHarmony membership for £9.95


*EXCLUSIVE OFFER* Join eHarmony through & receive £10 Cashback. 

Join eHarmony & Receive £10 Cash

Please read the T&C's as you will need to email me once you have joined eHarmony through the link above.

View all of our live eHarmony Promotional Codes

Tips & Money Saving Tricks

  • Definitely follow eHarmony on Facebook and Twitter as they regularly launch competitions and incentives through their social channels.
  • As mentioned above, eHarmony change their membership offerings on a regular basis. You will find during more popular spells (ie New year, Valentines) that the 24 month plan wont be available but the 3 month plan will be and visa versa during slower months. If you want either the 3 or 24 month plan, but it isn’t being shown – drop me an email and I’ll try and get you access.

eHarmony Free communication Weekends

eHarmony are famous for their ‘Free Communication Weekends’ these are pretty much what they sound like. You use eHarmony’s Guided communication to speak to any of your matches for absolutely free, you don’t need to add card details, just sign up take the questionnaire and get communicating!  You wont be able to see any pictures of your matches, but once you have completed the guided communication you are free to email your matches.

The last eHarmony free communication weekend  was between 26th December 2015 & 1st January 2016
We expect the next free communication weekend to be on the 13th February – 17th February 2016.

Visit our eHarmony free weekend page for more information.

19 thoughts on “eHarmony Cost of UK Membership 2016”

  1. just wanted to say— i appreciated the “Free trial code” for the 2 weeks free trial period. Thanks for the info and the quick reply to my message!:)

  2. Hi Shem :)

    Just wondering if the 2 week free trial for eHarmony is still available?
    I’ve signed up for it but haven’t received a code.



    1. Hey Jade,
      Apologies for the delay, the free trial at eharmony isn’t currently working, ill update the site once I get an update – sorry!!!
      In the meantime, we have a nice eharmony discount live :)

    1. Hey Theresa,

      Thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately that code isn’t available at the minute, but keep an eye on my site as I will update it when it does become live again. WORD OF WARNING, 3 month codes are rare, so you might be waiting a while.
      I have a great £9.95 code live at the minute for a 12 month membership, hopefully that is of help

      Thanks for dropping by

  3. Hi,

    Do you know when this year 2015 Eharmony, may bring out the 3 month subscription again? Or are you able to get a 3 month membership code?

    1. Hey Tess,
      First off, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.
      Unfortunately eHarmony manage their membership packages internally and price point switch from account to account.
      Eg a couple of my friends can see the 3 month plan now, but I cant!

      I’m working on a 3 month code, so the best I can offer at the minute is to sign up to my newsletter and once I get a new code, Ill email you straight away! :)

      Sorry I cant help more at the minute!

      Thanks again Tess

  4. Hi
    I am pretty much interested in joining. Would you be able to send me the 3 months membership code please? this is what my friend has got and i wouldn’t mind that either. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hey Sam,
      Keep an eye on the site or sign up to the newsletter, any codes I get will be published here.
      TIP – keep an eye here next week, I should be getting an exclusive code :)

    1. Hey Laura,

      You can get a 1 month subscription. You will have to click the ‘full detail’ link on the payment page. Word of warning, the 1 month subscription isnt the best value – Id keep an eye out for a discount code before joining for 1 month.
      Hope that helps

    1. Hey Cartiere,

      Thanks a tonne for the comment!
      eHarmony like to test different memberships at different times of the year. Our code for 3 months at £5.95 should still work regardless of whether the 3 month package is showing up when subscribing or not – hope that helps!

    1. Hey Lara – very strange!

      Are you an existing member? I guess you have tried entering the code at the payment page??

      If you haven’t already, fill out your profile as much as you can and then try logging in / logging out and use the code UKMWX5X5 it should take you straight to the payment details page.

      If this still isn’t working, please leave another comment or email me admin @ and I will look into this more

      Thanks for visiting

      1. Hi There. Your 6 month code works – I would rather try the three month first – if you could help with that promo code pls – cheers, Jags

        1. Hey Jags,
          Thanks for dropping by.

          Bad news – looks like eHarmony ended the 3 month code, I’ve just taken it down.
          On the bright side, eHarmony do have the 6 month code you mentioned live OR I have just been told that eHarmony are just about to add a new code – for one week only – 6 months for the price of 5!

          Good luck Jags!

  5. So I decided to get back on eharmony! Come on 2014 lets do this! Although it’s kinda hard work online dating at times. Feels like I’m doing admin and constantly checking or updating. But I’m determined to stay focused and at least commit to one date!

    These offers seem quite good! I didn’t realise comparison sites for this kinda thing existed! I found you guys randomly on Google, but really glad I did! Do I get a free toy if I sign up through you guys?!! 😉 I find the freebie dating sites the worst so eharmony may charge that little bit extra, but worth it! Cheers for saving me a few quid all the same! :)

    1. ha – good to know Donna – keep at it!

      No free toy, but keep an eye here as we will be offering something special for folks joining through us soon!

      Happy Dating!

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